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NHL All Star Game & Media

In today’s NHL All Star Game, Versus station has the goalie miked. In other words, the hockey broadcasters are talking to the goalie while he is working. This interruption of concentration on the goalie’s part caused a goal to be scored. As much as I love hockey, this move is taking the media too far.

During the regular season, broadcasters interview players DURING the game. Not good, in my opinion. How would the media feel if someone was to infringe upon their jobs?

Let the goalies and hockey players do their job, All Star Game, or no All Star Game. Save the interviews for before and after the games.


The NHL All Star Weekend

This blog will take a short break from book writing. Let’s put the book on the shelf, if you will.
It is the weekend for the NHL All Star Game. For hockey fans, it is just a fun time. It’s great to watch all the activities leading up to the All Star Game. There is the Red Carpet show, which is hockey’s way of promoting the players and sport. What fun. 🙂 Each of the players is interviewed, the fans gather around and get autographs, and it’s just too cool!

The Skills Competition was held today (Saturday, Jan. 26). That’s entertaining to watch – all around! The puck shoot had a player with 103 mph shot. Way too cool.

For non-hockey fans, this is the time to watch the sport. You will get an appreciation of the sport, the speed, the skill, and the ‘ballet on ice’ involved. You’ll not be able to say “hockey’s all about fighting” since there will not be any body checking allowed during the All Star Game. So, take that…non-hockey fans. Appreciate the sport for all it is – the best sport around.

The sport of hockey is much more than just a sport. It involves exceptional skills, endurance, tenacity, strength, humbleness, simplicity, and passion.

To take the sport of hockey to this increased media level, is way past due. Hopefully, the sport will gain more fans from this weekend of hockey. It deserves it. It’s just so much fun to see the players smiling and just having fun. Their passion and love of their sport shines through. How refreshing.

By the way, the Detroit Red Wings are the BEST team in the NHL!

Developing Excerpts

As more and more of my book’s puzzle is being put into place, something else is coming into play.  It is an item that can be used in a variety of ways to help promote and market anyone’s book.  That item is known as an excerpt.

The development of my book’s excerpts happens as subtopics are being embellished upon.  More details are coming into play, leaving room for wordage which sparks an interest.  The main purpose of an excerpt is to describe parts of your book in a few words, to spark interest in potential readers.  I can’t believe how easy it is happening, either.  It seems that every time I would see an excerpt, a lot of thought and reason had gone into them.  Granted, some of them were probably like that.  However, after mine just fell into place, hmm….

To develop an excerpt:

*simply pick a topic that you have developed in your writing project

*choose wording that summarizes that topic in as few words as possible

*choose action-oriented wording that has your readers wanting more

An excerpt is also known as a teaser or enticement, if you will.

More details about how to use excerpts will be found in another book project of mine in the future.

Developing Chapters

Having described why developing an outline is important to me, another benefit has come up because of it.  While writing subtopics and embellishing along with subsequent details, chapters have emerged.

Once these chapters have come into play, simply copy the text over into a separate word document. Make note on the outline that the applicable section has been transferred over into a separate chapter.  Using colored backgrounds works fine for me.

Then, upon reading the new text document, something occurs in my mind.  Wording for a chapter heading comes into play.  How nice!

Tip #1 – Keeping a Notebook

One of the suggestions many writers make is to carry around a notebook.  This is helpful for those times when thoughts “pop” into your head and need to be jotted down.

*Carry a small one in your purse or briefcase.

*Keep a small one on your night table.

*Carry a small one on your car visor, along with a pen.  (This one also comes in handy to record license plates of idiots on the road. 🙂 )

Write on!  Keep a notebook.  You never know when brilliance will strike!

Opening the “Mind’s Vault”

As the bullet points and subtopics fall into place on my book project, other events come to mind.  Some events were pushed to the “mind’s vault” – as it is known in my vocabulary.  Life throws curve balls at us.  We learn from them, and put the experience into the “mind’s vault”.  When one is writing a personal memoir, that “vault” suddenly opens unexpectedly.  It does not always contain pleasant memories. For instance,

My topic is being in and out of a body cast for two years, with the events and injuries taking place during that time span included.  Here is one event  from the “vault”:

At one stage during this two years, recuperation included a long leg cast with crutches.  While being driven home from a dinner date, my date started getting verbally abusive. I defended myself. “Shut up or you’ll be walking home,” I heard.  Still  not liking that,  I told him not to talk to me like that.  So, he stopped in front of my house, opened the car door from inside, threw my crutches out, and told me, “That’ll teach you. I told you to shut up. Get out.”

I forgot about that and the idiot involved until I was writing about that time period in my outline.

Well, I wrote about it. So, back in the “vault” it goes. 🙂

Taking a Break

Earlier today I received a request to write a light-hearted article for an upcoming nonprofit organization’s newsletter.  What a welcome relief from my book writing.  There was no research done, and it was just plain fun.

It is nice to have another avenue of writing as a diversion from my main book project.  To switch from heavy thinking, event details and order, to a simple article is great.  Wish everything could be this easy.  🙂

This request came at a time when my book project is falling into place.  It is a slow, yet continuous, process.  The more bullet-point subtopics I write on, the more details come into play.  Nice.