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The NHL All Star Weekend

This blog will take a short break from book writing. Let’s put the book on the shelf, if you will.
It is the weekend for the NHL All Star Game. For hockey fans, it is just a fun time. It’s great to watch all the activities leading up to the All Star Game. There is the Red Carpet show, which is hockey’s way of promoting the players and sport. What fun. 🙂 Each of the players is interviewed, the fans gather around and get autographs, and it’s just too cool!

The Skills Competition was held today (Saturday, Jan. 26). That’s entertaining to watch – all around! The puck shoot had a player with 103 mph shot. Way too cool.

For non-hockey fans, this is the time to watch the sport. You will get an appreciation of the sport, the speed, the skill, and the ‘ballet on ice’ involved. You’ll not be able to say “hockey’s all about fighting” since there will not be any body checking allowed during the All Star Game. So, take that…non-hockey fans. Appreciate the sport for all it is – the best sport around.

The sport of hockey is much more than just a sport. It involves exceptional skills, endurance, tenacity, strength, humbleness, simplicity, and passion.

To take the sport of hockey to this increased media level, is way past due. Hopefully, the sport will gain more fans from this weekend of hockey. It deserves it. It’s just so much fun to see the players smiling and just having fun. Their passion and love of their sport shines through. How refreshing.

By the way, the Detroit Red Wings are the BEST team in the NHL!


3 Responses

  1. This old tyme hockey fan will sit out the all-star game–not enough hits and never a decent fight–and still mourns for the days when Bobby Orr would start one of his headlong rushes up the ice.

    Still, it’s the best team sport in the world, nothing else comes close. Thanks for this…

  2. […] unknown wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerpt […]

  3. thanks for the feedback. Yes, I remember the thrill of watching Bobby Orr….and Gordie Howe…:)…etc.

    I tell others that I hate violence, but find myself yelling “YEAH!!” when the gloves come off and the sleeves are rolled up…lol

    I feel that by not having hits and fights in the All Star Game, skill is emphasized. It’s great…

    Rock on!

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