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Hockey Humor

While watching the NHL Network’s show ‘NHL on the Fly’  last night, a real life piece of hockey humor came to life.  I just had to share it….

Phaneuf, a Calgary Flames player, drove his SUV to the local Starbucks.  He left his car running (I think you know where this is going) while he ran inside to get his cup of jo.  He gets his coffee and comes outside just in time to see his car driving down the street.  He had to hitch a ride with the cops to get to practice.  Seeing the video clip of the car’s tail lights moving down the street was just priceless.

Move fast forward to the Calgary Flames’ locker room.  Media surrounds the team’s captain, Jerome Iglina, and shoves mikes in his face asking for his response.  While laughing his butt off, he says…”It’s really not funny” while continuing to laugh hysterically.  Another priceless moment.

Camera shoots over to Phaneuf, who is now surrounded by media and mikes.  Everyone wants his comment.  With a look of disdain and disgust, he replies…”I don’t want to talk about it.”  I’m busting my gut by now. lol

Anyone with common sense knows better than to leave your keys in your car’s ignition while you leave the car.  To think that a million dollar athlete does it (and has it caught on camera) is just….well……providing me with more humor than any movie theatre has in ages.  Thank you, Phaneuf and Iglina (him cracking up while saying it’s not funny is classic in and of itself).

Morale of story: 1) Phaneuf is an idiot who provided us with classic comedic material.  Or, as the bleeding hearts among us would say….”He was involved in an idiotic move at the time. He made a mistake.”   2) That was one expensive cup of Starbucks jo.

Today’s bit of hockey humor comes to an end.  🙂


Poem about Online Educational Courses

While involved in my book writing project, I am putting out feelers for other writing opportunities.  One opportunity, which sounds promising, involves writing and developing some online educational courses.  I have been offered the position.   While contemplating it, I put together this little ditty…..Enjoy!  (Yes, it’s a change from other postings on my blog. 🙂 )

I have been offered a writing position,

Teaching an online educational course

How excited I truly am…

If all goes well,

My students will be swell

And my knowledge

Will bring me some pay

Then suddenly….

The details come forth

Without much ado

And too much poo poo…..

The pay is commission

The students to be found

And the burden is on my shoulders


What happens now?

Is this really a cash cow?

Or simply another online boulder?


Drawback of Writing a Personal Essay

Recently, it has become apparent that writing a personal essay is not as easy as originally thought. Part of the problem is something known as vulnerability. Sometimes this is good, other times it is not.

Many times, when authors discuss their book writing project, the common thread mentioned is the personalization factor. Can this be overcome? If so, how? Personally, I don’t think it can – or should – be totally overcome. Every life, hopefully, has lessons that are learned and can be shared with others. Plus, what would a personal essay be without being ‘personal’?

How much is the author willing to have put into print? If negative events occur, how are they worded to keep the readers attention? These are just a couple of questions that need to be answered.

The benefit of being a good creative writer is having a grasp on word usage. This comes into play, especially well, while writing a book about one’s life. It’s just a matter of working at it. Keep playing with the words, the right ones will come along to describe event’s clearly and informatively.

Writing a personal essay makes the author vulnerable and exposed. It’s a different kind of feeling.

Murphy’s Law

No matter where I go, it seems this law follows me everywhere.  For instance,  yesterday was the first time I didn’t take a pain med since my total knee replacement surgery. (The surgery will be three weeks ago this Wednesday).  I was very proud of that fact.  Exercising/recuperating is going well.  I am walking more and seeing increased flexibility in my knee.

So, today when I was discharged from in-home physical therapist, I just had to brag to my therapist about how I didn’t need any pain meds. She was surprised and reminded me that I’d need them for more outpatient exercises.  OK. I was doing so well, I felt on top of the world.  Here goes…..

After our discussion, I did my exercise regime and walking.  Great.  No problem.  Then,  OUCH!!!  Man, did it hurt!

Now, here I sit with my icepack  – having taken a pain med.

That’ll teach me.  Good old Murphy’s Law strikes again.

Umbrella Disclaimer for All

The blog postings I do regarding my recuperation from total knee replacement are written from my perspective.  They are not a substitute for medical advice from your medical professional.  Check with your doctor, or professional, prior to taking any action.

Common sense rules.  What works for me, may not work for you.  Therefore, I accept no responsibility for any injuries or misfortunes you may experience by putting my words into action.

I find this one-time, umbrella disclaimer (limit of liability) will serve its purpose well throughout my blog.

7 Ways to Speed Up Your Knee Replacement Recuperation

Having a total knee replacement surgery is only part of the process. How you deal with the recuperation to actually use your new knee is another part. It, actually, is the hardest part. Only you can determine the extent of your success.

Here are some ways I have noticed an improvement in my total knee replacement recuperation. My knee is getting better every day because of them. They may work for you. Here goes…

  • Every hour on the hour, get up and walk around. Your level of recuperation (and physical therapist) will determine whether you use a walking aide.

  • Do as much as you can for yourself. Do not rely on others when you can easily do it yourself. You will only be hurting yourself.

  • Know that it will be painful. You cannot get around having pain after a major surgery. Bummer.

  • Take a pain med prior to your exercise. I find that ½ hour beforehand works best for me. This will help your exercise regimen. Of course, your pain meds will decrease as time goes on and your level of recuperation increases.  The sooner the better, I say.

  • Set a goal for your knee flexibility. Find a ‘hash mark’ on the floor that you want to stretch your foot to. Lift your leg farther than an earlier attempt.  Your physical therapist can help with this.

  • Keep icing. After every exercise bout, I use a variety of icing methods. The best is a simple ice pack. Or, frozen peas & carrots work well. 🙂

  • Elevate. Keep your leg elevated when not exercising. This helps the healing.

Recuperating from a total knee replacement takes work. There were many times when, if looks could kill, my physical therapist wouldn’t be here. Lol

Good luck!

Keeping a Journal

While writing my book project, I have found it very helpful to have kept a journal.  A journal can be a notebook that you carry around, or keep at your bedside.   It can also be a daily log of events that is kept in a notebook.    I have known people who simply wrote daily events on their monthly calendars.  It worked out great.  I keep mine on my laptop.

On a daily basis, I update  my medical log/journal to record happenings.  I list times, dates, medical personnel, and procedures.  It’s nice for my own information, for my book writing project, and for recordkeeping purposes.  For instance, when medical bills start coming in, I have something in writing verifying events that occurred.

In summary, keeping a journal is a great writing goal to strive for.  Keep things on track.