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Editing vs Proofreading

Here is another way in which the online writing world is changing the ‘real life writing world’.  When I worked as a proofreader in an international firm, proofreading involved correcting compositional skills such as grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc.  As far as I know, proofreading is still is just that.  It did not involve rewriting a paper, finding bibliographical citations, or completing a bibliography.  Or even, for that matter, beefing up a paper by adding sentences. That is editing.

I have come in contact with an online company that considers editing “proofreading” and pays accordingly.  Let the records show that an editor is not the same a proofreader. Nor is the pay scale the same.  Editors earn more than a proofreader.


NHL Hockey Playoffs

Well, the playoffs have been great so far.  And, the Wings are up 3-0 over the Colorado Avalanche.  Ahh…wonder what those Avs fans are saying now? 🙂

Just found out that Game 4 between Detroit and Colorado is tomorrow night at the same time I have a social function.  Bum me right out.  I need Tivo so I can see Detroit smash those stinkin’ Colorado Avs..

Go Wings!!!!

Finally Figured Out What “Pain Med” Means

After almost three months of recuperating from a total knee replacement surgery, I have finally figured out what is meant by “pain med”.  At first, I thought it meant that the medications were supposed to alleviate pain completely.  That just was not so.  In fact, no matter what type I was given, there was still pain.  Sometimes the pain was unbearable.  It always existed in some form.  So, I resigned myself to the fact that pain meds just don’t work.

Then, I ran out.  I didn’t think it as any big deal.  Usually, I took one pain med before my pt or exercise.  Well, this time I just went for a walk thinking “What’s the use of a pain med, anyways? The term is joke.”  Wow….what a difference!  I was in big time pain after getting done exercising.  I could hardly move my leg.

So, the verdict is….pain meds help take the edge off of pain.  They decrease the intensity. They do not totally eliminate pain, as some (like me) would think.

My recommendation now, if anyone is listening, is instead of calling them “pain meds”….why not call them “slightly numbing meds”.  That term would not fool anyone.  I’ve got an answer for everything..:)

Yes, it has been three months since my surgery, and I still have pain. That statement is for those of us who think that the pain will go away within a month after a knee replacement surgery.  Guaranteed….it doesn’t.

Stairs as a Knee Replacement Exercise

When working on gaining flexibility in your knee, a great exercise is to walk up and down stairs. Going up is much easier than going down.

Part of the recuperation process after a total knee replacement involves a variety of exercises involving stairs or steps. The first movement in my case was to simply stand up and lift my leg onto a step. I say simply, but it was definitely not easy. It took all the energy I had.  This will be done with the aid of crutches, at first. Then, eventually, all that will needed is the aid of railings or parallel bars.

It is not easy, but once it starts working out….it’s great. Hard work pays off.

2nd round of NHL playoffs

The Detroit Red Wings are facing the Colorado Avalanche in the second round of the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs.  This is an old rivalry (starting in the 80’s, anyways).  It is going to be a great series of exciting hockey.  Colorado better not play dirty like they usually do. Bums.

Of course, the Wings are going to smash the stinking Avalanche.  That’s my prediction and I’ll stand by it. 🙂  GO WINGS!!!!!

P.S. I was hoping the WA Capitals would have made it to the second round.  Ovechkin and Crosby would had been a fantastic rivalry to watch.  Maybe next year.

Graduating from Physical Therapy

Today, after 10 weeks, was my graduation from physical therapy.  That doesn’t mean, however, that I don’t need to do any more exercising.  On the contrary, I still have muscle stiffness that needs some stretching. Graduating from physical therapy means that my flexibility degree was at 110.  That’s cool.  🙂

I’m going to miss going in every day to do my exercises there.  It was a quiet atmosphere and the machines were great.  Plus, the laughs were much needed by me.  My PT lady was just great.  She’s a Jimmy Buffet fan that just has the most upbeat attitude.

I have a rowing machine at home that will do well in stretching my leg muscles.  It’s fun to use, actually.

So…outpatient pt has ended.  A new phase begins. The work is not over. I’m going to work until I reach 125 flexibility.

Bizarre Weather

Today is the day of the most bizarre weather I’ve seen in a long time. It was sunny earlier, so I decided to get out and enjoy the fresh air while getting in a walk with my new knee. So, I get in my car. As soon as I drive onto the main road, it starts downpouring. Then, hail. It’s April 19 in WA state.

so, I decide to go grocery shopping instead. As I am driving back home, the sun comes out. It has stopped raining and the skies are clear. Go figure.

Now, two hours later….I am sitting in front of my computer looking out the window. it is hailing big time! The grass is a blanket of white, the patio is covered with hail, while ice pellets are simply bouncing off the railings. My windows are getting smacked. And…the motorcycle training class is still going on…lol

Wow…and now it has stopped. No wait…it’s started back up. What a day..:)