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Game 3 of NHL Stanley Cup

What a game! The Pittsburgh Penguins won 3-2, so that the Detroit Red Wings lead the series 2-1.  Good for Pittsburgh.  They were playing like the team we are used to seeing.  There were good hits (even though the one against Holmstrom was uncalled for), fantastic speed, and good puck possession by the Penguins.

It’s entertaining to see Sidney Crosby score.  He’s so much fun to watch, with such skill and talent.

I’m sure there are many hockey fans glad to see that the Stanley Cup is not a sweep.



NHL Stanley Cup Final update

Detroit is up 2-0 over the Pittsburgh Penguins. The series is now going back to Pittsburgh. I do hope that Pittsburgh can pull out at least one of the games so that the series goes longer than a sweep. Yes, I want Detroit to win. I also want the hockey to go on for as long as it can. 🙂 I want to see Detroit win the Stanley Cup in Detroit’s Joe Louis Arena – where it belongs.

Last night during the game one of my non-hockey loving friends came over during the last 9 minutes of the game. Detroit scored their third goal and times were good. Then, Pittsburgh started to get frustrated and hit Franzen (who just came back from a concussion) in the jaw. I was fit to be tied and would have yelled louder at the tv had I not had a sore throat. What’s my friend say? “That’s why I don’t like hockey. There’s too much violence in it.” Shut up and leave. That’s what I say.

This guy has never even watched, nor been to, an entire hockey game. He only knows hockey for the fighting he has seen from news clips (which the general media promotes). So, when Pittsburgh simply started being stupid and both benches ended up throwing their gloves down (which was a cool scene to see, by the way 🙂 ), this fueled his belief.

I can’t stand when people who do not understand the skill involved in the sport of hockey make judgement calls. That’s just ignorance.

Leave me alone to enjoy my hockey while yelling “DAAAOHHHH!”, “smash that bum!” and singing along to The Hockey Song, thank you.

Memorial Cup Incident

Spokane just won the CHL’s Memorial Cup.  As the captain and co-captain were lifting the trophy by the cup, the cup came off.  The two did not know what to do.  They tried putting it back on, but it didn’t work. They both looked at each other, while one was holding the cup and the other one had the base.  It was a priceless moment to witness.

Eventually, the camera shot to other team members who were laughing.  In the end, it did not matter, since each player took turns holding the base overhead while skating around.  Some others hoisted the cup.

Walking as exercise for a Total Knee Replacement

The simple act of walking can do wonders for helping the recuperation process after a total knee replacement, I have found.  By walking, a definite effort needs to be made of maintaining or developing the proper gait.  I needed to learn how to walk again after 30 years of wearing a shoe lift, so it’s not as easy as one may think.  I needed to retrain my muscles.

The more I walk, the more I notice a greater swing to my knee.  My hamstring is stretching as is the front of my knee (I can’t remember what those/that muscle is called).  Anyways, that is a nice feeling.  First time I noticed a ‘swing’ it felt really good.  However, later in the evening, wow….did it hurt!

And, the more flexibility in the hamstring and front of the knee, the easier it is to go up and down stairs.  It’s easier to get in and out of cars.  And, my leg can lie flat on a surface without being propped up on a pillow.  Before, a pillow was required due to the pain level of my hamstring.  Cool.

Walking is great exercise, and it is cheap to do.  I’m still not at the point of hiking, but I will get there.

NHL Media Day

Today’s Media Day in preparation of the NHL Stanley Cup Final, which starts tomorrow.  It’s pretty cool.  It’s really nice since it’s being held at Cobo Hall in Detroit – next door to Joe Louis Arena.  🙂

Both Detroit and Pittsburgh have speed, talent, and skill.  It’ll be a great series.  Watching the young talent (Pittsburgh) play against the seasoned pros (Detroit) will be very exciting.

I predict Detroit in 6.

GO WINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I can’t wait to see Dallas Drake make one of his BOOM!!! hits.  🙂

Fall Prevention and Total Knee Replacement

While recuperating, and preparing, for a total knee replacement it is important to prepare your living area to help avoid falls.  There are a variety of ways to do this:

* remove all loose rugs that do not have a nonstick backing.

* remove all loose rugs, period.  Sometimes, depending on your balance, crutches and walkers will have a

hard time getting around the edges of loose rugs.

* remove all cords from the floor. If you don’t make certain that you can maneuver around them without

causing any distress.  I have known people who didn’t look down while walking and tripped over cords that

easily could have been avoided had they watching where they were walking.  Be careful.

* Watch out for small animals.  They have a tendency to run under your feet quickly and without warning.

* I recommend not having any small animals (considered hazards) around for the first week after surgery.

* Don’t reach for anything above your head.  It is too easy to lose your balance this way.

* Don’t drink alcohol. This is common sense, but it does affect one’s balance.

* Don’t lean to either side while on your crutches or walker.  Keep a square, safe reach area around you.   Again, you will lose your balance too easily if you don’t.

It is easy to avoid falling while recuperating from a total knee replacement if you prepare both yourself and home beforehand.

The Hockey Song

Since the Detroit Red Wings have advanced to the Stanley Cup Final (WOOHOOOOOOO!!!!…LOOK OUT PITTSBURGH!!!!!), it is only appropriate to include the following lyrics to a well known Canadien anthem:

Oh, the good old hockey game

Is the best game you can play.

And the best game you can name,

Is the good old hockey game

written by Stompin’ Tom Connors