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Love Of Writing

While working on my book, and doing other writing gigs, I just realized something that is needed in order to accomplish any writing task.  That need is the enjoyment of writing.  One seems to hear from a variety of sources that “follow your heart and money will follow”.  Well, money may not be here yet, but the enjoyment is sure there.  That’s a good writing tip…have the passion.

There’s something fun about using words properly, organizing them, and thinking about their impact.  It’ even more fun when “the mood” strikes and the words just flow.  That’s known as inspiration.  Those times are great, but they are counterattacks to the times when words don’t flow.  Those times exist, also.

Writing rocks.  🙂


Early Withdrawals from NHL Live!

Well, July 3 is the last day for my beloved show..NHL Live!  Besides giving me the lowdown on hockey happenings, it provides me with culture.

For instance,  on Friday’s show, I learned about the Naked Cowboy.  Turns out that he is a real person living in New York City who plays guitar, and wears an interesting wardrobe.  He wears his cowboy hat, cowboy boots, and underwear.  It’s not just any underwear, however. The hockey duo of EJ Hradek and Don LaGreca let us uninformed viewers know that the underwear is known as “tidy whities”.  🙂

This guy was walking down the street and passed in front of the NHL Store.  When the commercial ended, and the show started back up, that’s when we heard about him. It was quite entertaining. 🙂

See….besides providing a fulfilling way to gain hockey news of all varieties (from phone and live interviews with key hockey players, personnel, owners, celebrity fans, etc.), we learn about the New York cultural scene.  It’s just the tip of the iceberg of all this show provides us fans with.

It would be great if the NHL Network programming execs could show reruns of that show while its in hiatus.  Life won’t be the same without my daily fix of NHL Live!

I’m beginning to have symptoms of early withdrawal. Ho hum…Bummer.  Now I’ll have to go back to 100 channels on, and nothing worth watching.

That’s something else….NHL Live! serves a purpose for saving television viewing ratings.  Personally, my television is not going to be in use during the time when I’d otherwise be watching NHL Live!.

Ho hum….

Scared of a Total Knee Replacement?

Don’t be.  It’s only natural to be anxious about a major surgery, but the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks.  Here are a few items that I, personally, have to say about having the surgery:

  • I don’t need to carry around crutches while fearing my knee will ‘lock up’.  I did that for 8 months.
  • I can walk more than a few feet without experiencing any knee joint pain.
  • I can do aerobic exercises without having any knee pain.
  • I can engage in daily activities without wondering what my knee will do.
  • I can walk upstairs without any knee pain.
  • I am not bowlegged anymore.  The surgery realigned my leg.
  • I do not wear a 1.25″ shoe lift anymore.
  • I am stretching and using leg muscles I had not used in 30 years due to my trauma injury.
  • I know that the pain of recuperation is temporary (has been almost 5 months already).
  • I have the highest praise to say about the surgery process and the team that worked on me.
  • Modern medical technology is truly remarkable.
  • The surgery itself is the easiest part.  Recuperation is the hardest.

Hope this helps all who are contemplating having a total knee replacement done.

Another Hazard for tkr

It was a beautiful day when I decided to take my new knee for a walk through the local mall.  All was fine and dandy until….I came face to face with a new hazard.  A hazard that I was never made aware of, but still on the same level as a big dog.

While browsing through the jewelry department, suddenly a tribe of small children came into view.  One backed up without looking, while the other two were hyped up while trying to convince their mom to let them go home.  All three children came to my waist level.  One was swinging his arms, another pushing her brother, and still another anxious to just get out of there.  One by one, they would have knocked into me if I was not aware of my surroundings.  (It’s kind of hard not to be aware when the sounds of squealing kids is in the air.)

Anyways, I mention this since as a total knee replacement patient, we are made aware of small dogs and our home environment as being potential hazards.  Never did I hear that small kids could be considered part of that category.

Hmmm….watch out for the little human munchkins.  They mean well, but those little bundles of energy can pack a solid unexpected whallop.

Book Writing Update

Still working on the book, adding more chapters and remembering facts to be put into chapters.  Just wrote a chapter about living with diplopia – double vision.  There are songs written about it and jokes made about it, but I don’t find anything funny about it.  I’ve learned to live with it, and be grateful I can see.  There are corrective prisms, which are inserted into eyeglass lenses, that can correct it.

Cool…wish I knew about those 20 years ago. 🙂

Walking for Exercise – tkr

The simple task of walking is a pure delight for getting my knee in shape after a total knee replacement.  There is a local walking trail that has a bit of everything.  There is gravel, pavement, grass, and wood walkways.  I can go walk along the freeway (ugh), go walk on the roadside (another ugh), or stay in the peace and quiet of wildlife (yippee!).

It’s fun to go with a group of people and chat along the way.  We reach a fork in the trail and take the unknown path.  Fun..

Anyways, I find walking to be the best exercise for using my new knee and working up a sweat.  I can walk faster now, so the sweat comes. Cool…

As far as flexibility goes, walking downstairs does it. It’s still a SLOW process, but I’m getting there. It’s still painful, but temporary.  It’s been 4.5 months after surgery.

Walking is a blessing.

Icing and a Total Knee Replacement

I just found out that some patients were not told about icing after having a total knee replacement done.  This is unbelievable to me.  Without icing, my knee would be so swollen and painful, it would be difficult to walk. Icing keeps the swelling in check.  It also helps decrease the pain after exercising.  In the hospital, I had ice on all the time.

Once getting home, I iced for about 2-3 hours per day – at least. I don’t believe those who say that it’s too much.  I know it helped me out, so I don’t listen to naysayers.

Today, almost 5 months after my tkr, I still ice after exercising.  It’s usually for about 30 minutes now.  I know I need icing when I can feel my knee and it’s warm after exercising.  That means it got a workout (my PT lady told me that 🙂 )

Prior to my tkr, I used to think icing and ice packs were a waste of time.  My, how times have changed.  🙂

Icing rocks!