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When is Too Much Exercise?

While going to my physical therapist for my total knee replacement rehab, I asked her how to tell if I was overworking my muscles. “How do I know when too much is too much?” is what I asked her. She told me very matter of factly….”You can tell you’ve done too much when you hurt for two hours after your exercise is done.”

I’ve been using that as my benchmark ever since. It may work for other total knee replacement patients, also.

BTW…..I totally trusted my physical therapist. She was the only one who truly knew what I was going through. If you go to a physical therapist, you need to trust the person. You are in their hands, literally and figuratively.


Iron Supplements & Total Knee Replacement Pre-Op

Recently, I was asked about taking iron supplements prior to my total knee replacement surgery. I know from personal experience that the iron supplements are needed due to blood donations. During my pre-op procedure procedure, my surgeon recommended that I donate two pints of my blood. This blood would be “put back into me” during my surgery.

Some trains of thought do not agree with iron supplements for various reasons. However, I am glad that it was recommended as part of my pre-op process. See, after my surgery, the doctor told me that I lost so much blood during the surgery that I was considered borderline anemic. Had I not taken any iron supplements, I am certain it would have been much worse.

As much as I may not have agreed with other pre-op procedures, taking iron supplements is a-okay in my opinion.

“Lingerie Break” and NHL hockey

The NHL Network had a vintage game on yesterday that was just too good to miss. It was played at the Olympia Stadium in Detroit and was a match between two of the Original Six – the Detroit Red Wings and the Chicago Blackhawks. It was a honest-to-goodness 1965 classic broadcast on Hockey Night in Canada that just had my spirit a fluttering. 🙂

Among the many superbly entertaining moments found during this game, the second period contained a “lingerie break”. It turns out that Chicago Blackhawks goalie, Glenn Hall, had snapped his suspenders and they needed repaired. 🙂 How entertaining is that? A “lingerie break”. lol

While this short break in action occurred, Bobby Hull was the recipient of a small rubber ball from the Olympia (Wings) audience. What did he do with it? He hit a clean goal shot. And, both the camera and broadcasters picked it up. Everyone cheered. What fun!

Speaking of Bobby Hull, that reminds me of something that happened about 30 years ago. While watching Hockey Night in Canada, Bobby Hull was being interviewed. I commented to my hockey playing friend what a pretty smile Hull had. I heard, “You like his smile, huh?”

Yeah…he’s got a pretty smile and nice set of teeth,” I replied.

Huh. How about his hair? You think he has a nice head of hair?”

Well, now that you mention it, yes. He’s got a full head of hair,” was my answer.

His teeth are false and his hair’s fake,” was the reply I received.

His front teeth are knocked out and he’s bald,” he went on to tell me.

Huh,” I said.

OK, back to the game. It was wonderful seeing Gordie Howe, Alex DelVecchio, Ted Lindsay, Phil Esposito, and Stan Mikita play. Wow.

Ted Lindsay got a roughing penalty and if looks could kill, his opponent would not have finished the game. Seeing the “stink eye” look combined with Lindsay’s notorious nose was just priceless. 🙂 Gordie Howe got a roughing penalty and if hockey sticks could shoot bullets, his opponent would also have been a goner. It was funny watching Howe point his stick at his attacker. At one point both hockey legends were sharing the penalty box. What a nice, nostalgic sight. 🙂

During the first intermission Sid Howe was interviewed. “Are you related to Gordie?” asked the interviewer. “No, I’m not. And Gordie will make a point of letting you know that,” he replied. 🙂

Anyways, Sid Howe played for the Red Wings from 1934-46. At the time, he scored the most goals in one game (6). He also scored the fastest overtime goal, which occurred at 25 seconds. It happened during the face off. It was wonderful seeing Sid Howe. BTW: He’s been on 3 Stanley Cup championships. How cool was that?

The third period had some broadcast difficulties. “The fog comes to you courtesy of our sponsors. Do not adjust your screen,” we were told by the broadcasters. (There was snow on the screen.) I found that delightful.

It was great seeing broadcaster Ward Cornell of Hockey Night in Canada. It was great hearing the game’s play-by-play broadcast. It brought back a lot of good memories.

The game had 30-25 shots on goal, with Detroit leading. There were 15,000 hockey loving fans in attendance at the Olympia.

I used to work down the street from the Olympia Stadium. The neighborhood was not a good one (in fact, it was kind of scary), but there was something magical about seeing that wonderful stadium. 🙂

The NHL Network rocks for bringing this game to us!

A Short Thank You

I wanted to take a brief moment and send a “thank you” to all of my readers. You have shared your thoughts, questions, and provided inspiration to both me and everyone else who visits this blog.

What began as simply a process of recording my book writing journey has turned into a mini-support system. Some readers have shared their passion for writing. Others have shared their total knee replacement concerns.

Oh, and I cannot forget that one Colorado Avalanche fan who posted a comment saying that the Detroit Red Wings “suck”. All I can say is…”Where’s the Stanley Cup now, loser?” Sorry….I just couldn’t resist that.

Thank you, thank you to everyone who visits my blog. As Red Green says, “We’re all in this together”. “Keep your stick on the ice!”

Scars As Trophies

Here is another excerpt from my book…

Obviously, scars can be the result of quite a few things. This article talks about the physical appearance of scars upon one’s body. These may have occurred due to surgeries, medical procedures, life’s experiences, or other such occurrences.

It has recently come to my attention that scars are yet another area of imperfection, according to the cosmetic industry. This industry has gone way too far this time, in my opinion. We are being led to believe that scars are something to be ashamed of. Scars are being promoted as taking away from our natural beauty, according to this powerful industry.

Recently, there have been television commercials about products capable of “hiding” or “eliminating” scars. Then, the ad shows a person explaining the dramatic affects that this 1/4-1/2” scar has upon them. The totally debilitating scar is the main concern of one’s existence, according to this ad. Spare me and cry me a river. Get real.

Or, go to the store and peruse the shelves filled with products claiming cosmetic improvements to one’s appearance. Again, spare me. It’s bad enough that the cosmetic field has us convinced that our natural state is improper, but to try to convince us that scars are a sign of deficiency? Come on….And to think that some people will be convinced of this. 😦

Scars are a sign that one has encountered a battle and lived to show for it. My total knee replacement scar is about 10” long. My philosophy? Add it to the collection. The outside of my thigh has another 10” scar that is 30 years old. It’s a beaut. 🙂

Scars are not something to be ashamed of, or hidden from view. Weather permitting, I wear shorts and my scars show. If someone doesn’t like seeing them, they don’t have to look.

Moral of story: Be proud of your scars and treat them like a trophy. Show them off when you can. Brag about them and the experience that they are a result of. Not everyone can regale your tales like you can. 🙂

Be free to say to whoever will listen… “Want to see my scar?” Do it with enthusiasm and proudness. Then, show it off while gazing fondly at it. (You may get some strange looks when you do this, though. 🙂 )

Some scars are a sign of stupidity or error on one’s part. An example of this is using power tools incorrectly, or improper use of fireworks. Now, I would think those scars would need a little more story embellishment. Some scars are a result of surgery and are professionally obtained signs of conquer. These life signs are to be proudly shown!

Scars are a sign of survival.  The only alternative to survival is death. You choose.

End of my “soap opera speech” for the day. 🙂

NHL Winter Classic

Today I came in contact with someone who is a Chicago Blackhawk fan.  She told me that her husband wants to buy tickets to the Winter Classic at Wrigley Field.  She doesn’t want to go because it’ll be TOO COLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

When I reminded her about the experience she’d be missing, the ponds all the skaters are on, playing the Stanley Cup champs Detroit Red Wings, and the open air atmosphere…she still wasn’t game. I even reminded her about the vintage battle between two of the Original Six teams.  She knew all that stuff, and still wasn’t game.

I know about the midwest winters, being from Detroit.  They can be brutal, indeed.  In my opinion, that would just add to the memorable experience!  However, to hear her wanting to forgo the opportunity to actually be a part of that wonderful experience just blows my mind.

So, of course, I told her that I’d be more than happy to go with her hubby.  She didn’t think that was as funny as I did. 😦  lol

What? A Swollen Knee….still?

It’s been almost 6 months after my total knee replacement and my knee has really swollen up today.  I’ve been exercising more while attempting to increase its flexibility.  I’ve gone up and down 18 stairs 3x today. Going downstairs is getting easier,  but the swelling has increased.  Yesterday I went on my routine walk around the motorcycle course.  I’ll forgo that tonight and elevate my leg while laying down.

The pain involving my tissues and muscles is worthy of a pain med.  There is no pain in the knee joint, though.

I guess I’ll be a couch potato with my laptop while icing my knee. Hmm…I wasn’t prepared for my knee to remain swollen for so long after my tkr.  Oh well….