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Total Knee Replacement Concerns

I don’t understand. I know exercise is important while recuperating from a total knee replacement. So, I exercise and my knee gets more swollen and stiff. Then, I elevate and ice it. Then, it gets rather stiff.

I don’t understand. I hear that moving will keep my (or any tkr patient’s) knee from getting stiff. So, I move. My knee still gets stiff.

I just don’t understand. Why does my knee get stiff whether I move or keep still? (It’s not that I can’t move it…it just sometimes takes time to get flexible.)


Short TKR Update

Today has been a difficult day.  Earlier in the day, I went for a walk with the dogs (real four-legged variety) and had a good workout.  Now, my knee is swollen (even after icing) and stiff.  I know it could be worse, it’s just discouraging in the meantime.  I’m not complaining, just stating a fact.  My tkr surgery was 6.75 months ago.

Still, this day is better than the pain I had prior to my total knee replacement.  🙂

More NHL Signing News

Here is some more hockey news I picked up from the reader board on NHL Network regarding off season signing news:

Unsigned free agent centers:

  • Peter Forsberg (Colorado)

  • Eric Rasmussen (New Jersey)

  • Mark Smith (Calgary)

  • Mats Sundin (Toronto)

Unsigned free agent right wings:

  • Aaron Downey (Detroit)

  • Darren McCarty Detroit)

  • Jarrett Stoll (Edmonton)

  • Teemu Selanne (Anaheim)

  • Brad Richardson (Los Angeles)

Unsigned left wings:

  • Martin Gelings (Nashville)

  • Drew Miller (Anaheim)

  • Mark Parrish (Minnesota)

  • Randy Robitaille (Ottawa)

  • Brendan Shanahan (New York Rangers)

A New Workout for the Total Knee Replacement Patient

Today I “discovered” a new workout regime during my total knee replacement (tkr) recuperation process. It is almost 7 months after my surgery, btw. Let me describe as best as possible:

Currently, I am hanging out with a couple of small dogs that have a tendency to be rather hyper. “Rather” is a loose term in this case. Anyways, I was curious as to how it would be to put them on a leash and go for a walk. I wanted to see how challenged my knee would be. It was a great idea! (If I say so myself…:) )

I consider this dog walking exercise as a form of resistance training since one of the critters was forever and a day having me use my leg muscles to stand in place. He was pulling like crazy on the leash. I could feel my leg muscles working and it was great. So, we all went walking for 30 minutes and had a grand old time.

When we returned, I was pooped and sweating. My knee was swollen (what else is new?) and needed iced. So, after a nice shower, I positioned myself in a recliner with an ice pack on my knee. With this laptop, my leg stretched out, and hockey on tv – what a day! (Yes, I know that’s an incomplete sentence.)

And…the best part….the hyper dogs are totally pooped. Snoozeville for all! Ahh….peace and quiet.

Oh, oh….gotta go….one just woke up!  Nice….he’s back to sleep…:)

Updated Hockey News as of August 27, 2008

Here is some updated NHL and hockey news that I received last night while watching the 2007 Stanley Cup Playoffs – Vancouver vs. Anaheim. It was telecast on the NHL Network – “the home of hockey”.

Some of the unsigned free agent defenseman as of August 27, 2008 consist of:

  • Chris Chelios (Detroit)

  • Alexei Seminov (San Jose)

  • Marek Malik (New York Rangers)

  • Aaron Miller (Vancouver)

  • Luke Richardson (Ottawa)

  • Keith Carney (Minnesota)

  • Bret Hedican (Carolina)

I was just wondering what was going on with Chelios, and there it is on the feeder board. 🙂

Other signing news:

Joe Sakic signed a 1 year contract with Colorado.

The NHL opens its season in Europe on 10/4..

10/9 – NHL opens its season in America.

10/11 – U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

11/09 – Hockey Hall of Fame Game…Montreal V Toronto

11/10 – NHL HHOF Induction Ceremony

For 2009:

01/01 – Winter Classic at Wrigley Field. Detroit V Chicago. We know who’s going to win. 🙂 (DET)

01/24 – NHL All Star Skills Competition

01/25 – NHL All Star Game in Montreal

02/13 – 2/15 – Hockey Weekend Across America….woohoo!!

03/27 – Women’s National Championship

04/04 – End of NHL Season…..bummer…

04/15 – NHL Playoffs start…..whooppee!

If I recall correctly, Canada usually has a time set aside to celebrate hockey. It’s telecast on the CBC. I wonder when that is….

The Immune System & A Total Knee Replacement

Taking care of yourself after a total knee replacement (tkr) is imperative. I know that applies to every day and everyone, but those of us recuperating from a tkr – it is doubly important.  Here’s my story…

After having a prolonged cold, of which I rarely get, I was scared about the intensity of my symptoms. So, I called the doctor. (Remember….I am not a doctor callin’ kind of person. Prior to my tkr, I RARELY needed the services of a doctor since my health was overall very good. I didn’t even have a general family doctor, since I didn’t need one. This isn’t intended as bragging, simply stating a fact.)

Anyways, I had never had such a serious cold and was concerned about it turning into a bacterial infection. Us total knee replacement patients (at least I am) are super sensitive to infections. When I described my concern to the nurse, I asked if my swollen knee was a result of my immune system still being “not up to par”. I knew that a cold was a result of a weak immune system.

Yes, your immune system is still recuperating. That is why your knee is still swollen,” is what I heard. I was told that if it lasted for another couple days (it had already been two weeks), to go see my general physician. Luckily, I just started drinking more warm liquids and eating soft foods. The symptoms were greatly decreased in two days. So…..no doctor. Whooppeee!!!  (Nothing personal against doctors. 🙂 )

I am only relaying this information since it is amazing how everything in the human body is tied together in some form. To me, the human body is awe-inspiring. (Even with my still recuperating bionic knee).

Everyone heals at their own rate and in their own way. Respect the intricacies of the human body to heal itself and adjust to the foreign object it has in it now (aka “bionic knee”).  Help it along as best as you can.

Small Dogs Poem

Small dogs may be cute it is true,

But their high pitched bark,

Will make your vacation

Long overdue..