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Proof of Being a Bionic Woman – TKR

One of the things I received while going through the pre-op process was a very special card. I happen to find it amusing, but then again – I’m easily entertained.

It is a card to be used when I need to go through a metal detector – such as at airport checkpoints. What it states is the fact that there is a metal implant in my leg. This could (or will) set off the detectors.

This patient has a prosthetic joint implant….” is one the back of the card under the title..”Medical Alert”. It’s alerting whoever reads it to the fact they are dealing with a Bionic woman. 🙂

The front simply states my name, implant type, attending surgeon signature, and medical facility contact information.

I’m having it laminated to last a lifetime. Some people I know think it’s just too cool to have this card. 🙂


October 9, not October 10…NHL Face Off Rocks Spectacular

On today’s NHL Live!, October 10th was mentioned as the season opener for the Detroit Red Wings. That is incorrect. It’s October 9, Thursday.  (Unless the date has been changed and the website has not been updated.)

Here is the email I sent to EJ Hradek & Don LaGreca just to let them know. It’s taken from the Detroit Red Wings website, via NHL. com. It’s a simple oversight, but needed corrected.

NHL to stage Face-Off Rocks spectacular
Sep 19, 2008, 8:20 PM EDT
NEW YORK – The National Hockey League will launch the 2008-09 season with NHL Face-Off Rocks™ 2008, an opening day spectacular headlined by the world’s greatest arena rock band, Def Leppard, on Thursday, October 9. (my bold)

The multi-platinum selling rock band will open the night with a special performance of their arena-inspired hit single, “C’mon, C’mon” from the Fox Theatre in Detroit, followed by the raising of the Red Wings’ 2008 Stanley Cup championship banner prior to the start of their sold-out home opener against the Toronto Maple Leafs at Joe Louis Arena.

VERSUS and CBC will air portions of the performance as part of their broadcasts of the Red Wings game in the U.S. and Canada, respectively. NHL.com and CBCSports.ca will provide live streaming coverage of the concert, giving fans around the world the chance to take part in the season-opening festivities.

Starting Monday, Sept. 22 at 10 a.m. EDT, tickets to NHL Face-Off Rocks 2008 at the Fox Theatre headlined by Def Leppard on Oct. 9 will be available for purchase for $35 and $45 on-line at Ticketmaster.com and

OlympiaEntertainment.com, at all Ticketmaster locations and at the Fox Theatre box office. To charge by phone, call 248-433-1515. Doors will open at 6 p.m. for the 7 p.m. show.

Fans in attendance at the Fox Theatre will be treated to a broadcast of the Red Wings game, including the championship banner-raising ceremony, an exclusive arena rock show performance from Def Leppard of the band’s smash hits and songs from their latest album, “Songs From The Sparkle Lounge,” and a performance from a soon-to-be-announced special guest. A deejay will entertain the audience throughout the event.

With more than 65 million albums sold worldwide and two prestigious Diamond Awards to their credit, Def Leppard–Joe Elliott (vocals), Vivian Campbell (guitar), Phil Collen (guitar), Rick “Sav” Savage (bass) and Rick Allen (drums) — continues to be one of the most important forces in rock music. Over the course of their career, the band has produced a series of classic groundbreaking albums that set the sound for generations of music fans and artists. Renowned as Great Britain’s premiere arena rock band, the group’s spectacular live shows, filled with powerful melodic rock anthems, have become synonymous with their name and they are an institution in the touring industry as they continue to sell out arenas worldwide.

“When Sav first played me “C’mon, C’mon,” I remember saying to him ‘I can hear this being played in every hockey arena all over the United States and Canada’,” said Def Leppard frontman, Joe Elliott. “Once we recorded it, I was even more convinced.”

The band’s latest album, “Songs From The Sparkle Lounge” (Bludgeon Riffola/Island/UMe), debuted at No. 5 on the Billboard Top 200, earning Def Leppard their highest-charting debut since 1992. “Songs From The Sparkle Lounge” contains 11 new songs including the hit single “Nine Lives,” featuring a groundbreaking collaboration with country music superstar Tim McGraw.

My Small Tribute to Paul Newman

Yesterday I turned on the television only to be greeted by news that left me crying and staring at the screen. Paul Newman had died.

Even though I never met him, his death has taken a chunk of my heart away. Our world is much sadder and emptier without him. His modesty, humor, compassion, and unparalleled ethics are something we can all learn from.

Paul Newman could have easily gotten by on just his looks, but he didn’t. He mastered his craft and whatever other endeavor he chose. He could have easily been boastful and arrogant, but he wasn’t. Instead, he used his intelligence and human insight to help others and do the best he could with what he had.

My personal story involves seeing him at Daytona International Speedway during a historic car race. I wasn’t expecting to see him at this event. I had heard that he could be there. So here’s what happened:

The day started out pouring rain. Usually my camera was out and ready for anything, but at this moment I had put it in its carrying case to keep it dry. As I made my way into the race track, everyone and everything was drenched. It didn’t seem to matter, though. That’s the allure of Daytona. Plus, it was that time of year in Florida. 🙂 Anyways, I’m just checking out the cars and simply looking around.

Suddenly, BOOM! Paul Newman walks right in front of me! He wasn’t five feet from me. Well…I scramble to pull my camera out of its bag faster than I had moved in awhile. When I finally got a hold of my camera, all I could get was a picture of his backside just walking away down the stretch. Still, I knew it was Paul Newman. I didn’t care if anyone else looking at the picture could tell it or not.

Of course, the media was surrounding him no matter where he went. He was asked for autographs by fans, but did not give any. He simply said that he was on vacation. While others may not have liked this, I admired it.

Finally, the rain let up and the drivers were getting into their cars. There was a crowd of people around this one car, so I scooted closer. I asked the person next to me what was going on. “THAT’S PAUL NEWMAN!” is what I heard. “Cool,” I said in return. My camera was ready, as were all the cameras nearby. 🙂 (We were standing in what is known as the cold pit area, about 20-30 feet from the cars.)

Paul Newman saw the crowd and turned his back to us. He obviously was uncomfortable with all the hoopla. People slowly started to leave, disappointed that he was not getting into the car nor acknowledging them. When one of the last people left, I asked them why they were leaving. “He’s not going to turn around. He’s taking too long,” I heard. “He’s gotta turn around to get into the car, give him time,” I replied as the person was walking away.

As this person left, I moved towards the front. I was in the front viewing area! So, in just a few minutes, Mr. Newman turned around and got into his car. When he was settled in, I got the picture of my life. He looked directly at me. 🙂 (At least I can believe he was looking at me and not in disdain at my camera.)

Just the thrill of seeing Paul Newman in real life was enough for me. I got a chance to walk the same grounds as someone who I had admired my entire life. He is a true American and worldwide legend. He had scruples, undying devotion, and immense class that I could only hope to have. His sense of humor shined through, along with his captivating blue eyes. And now he’s gone.

I am grateful and feel very blessed for the opportunity to have experienced his living legend. My heart and sympathy goes out to everyone who knew him personally.

Saddened does not adequately describe how I feel at the death of Paul Newman – our beloved Paul Newman.

Overdoing Exercise during a TKR Recuperation

Recently, there have been days when it seemed that my tkr knee was overreacting to exercise. There was more swelling than usual, and more pain than usual. It was more sluggish and hard to move, also. All in all, it was frustrating. And, I expressed that in a recent blog post on this spell binding site.

So, I have received feedback from some readers and friends who expressed concern that perhaps I had been doing too much exercise while still recuperating from a total knee replacement. I like to always remember my physical therapist as telling me that a great way to tell if I overdid any exercise was to follow this indicator: If I was in pain for two hours after exercise…I was overdoing it. Funny thing was…I was not in pain for two hours after my exercise regime. I felt fine over than seeing increased swelling. The pain and stiffness, plus other symptoms, set in later – like a day later. Interesting….It’s not that I’m doubting my physical therapist, I trust her totally. It’s just interesting to me.

Well, here’s the scoop. (And, if my doctor is reading this, my friend did this – not me. I’m just relaying the information.)

I overdid it. Recently, I acquired an excellent exercise bike that I just love. So, I turned on the television to the NHL Network and watched a repeat of Game 5 of the 2008 Stanley Cup Finals. I started riding my bike the last five minutes of the game. Perfect timing, I thought. My goal was to ride my bike until the end of the game. Turns out that wasn’t a very good goal.

The Detroit Red Wings were winning in the last minute of play. I’m counting down to victory. Then…the Pittsburgh Penguins scored and tied the game – in the last 35 seconds. I had totally forgotten about that originally happening. Then, the game went into overtime periods. I was still riding my bike, oblivious to everything but the television screen.

Yes, I was going slow and taking numerous breaks. However, my five minute ride turned into – more minutes than I care to admit to.

At least I’ve solved the case of my total knee replacement knee and am gutsy (or stupid) enough to admit it to others who may be going through the same thing.

Moral of story: If you’re going to ride your exercise bike during a hockey game, be sure it’s not during an overtime game of the Stanley Cup Final – repeat or original broadcast.

Sharp Dressed Man – EJ Hradek

Well, our beloved NHL Live! Has returned. Today, EJ Hradek wore a white jacket and shirt and looked stunning. 🙂 It was funny how that became the topic of conversation for a while on the show today. He was, indeed, a sharp dressed man today.

And, Don LaGreca has obviously lost a lot of weight. Good for him. 🙂 I wonder if he used Jenny Craig? (Just kidding).

Anyways, speaking of well dressed men…I am reminded of that ZZ Top song. It’s a double whammy. Back when Don Cherry (aka “Grapes”) had his tv show, it would start with a video of him showing his cuff links, rings, and outfits. Very sharp. And, the video would include “Sharp Dressed Man”. That was always such a pleasure to see and hear.

So, every time I hear “Sharp Dressed Man” I think of both hockey and Don Cherry. It can’t get much better than that. 🙂

Note: I remember when I first saw Don Cherry’s show. It was on the CBC right before Saturday’s Hockey Night in Canada game. I thought he was so arrogant. He remember him telling his guests to keep quiet since “It’s my show and what I say goes!” Or…”I don’t care what you have to say!” Anyways, I noticed how his guests would just chuckle and go along with it. Or, they would start to give him feedback that made for great entertainment. Soon, he grew on me. 🙂

I knew I was a Don Cherry convert when one of my friends told me she had just watched his show and hated him. She couldn’t stand his arrogance. “He’s just so hung up on himself!” she said. I found myself laughing and saying, “Yeah, I know. He can come across like that. Just watch him a couple more times and he’ll grow on you.” Sure enough, two months later my friend came to me and told me how she got a kick out of listening to Grapes.


Hockeyville 2008 game

There was a wonderful pre-season game on tonight between the Montreal Canadiens and the Buffalo Sabres. Televised on the NHL Network, the game was played in a small 1,200 seat hockey arena in the city of Roberville, Quebec.

The national anthem of both Canada and the United States was sung by a woman with a French accent. It was a kick to hear her sing the Star Spangled Banner. It was great.

Last hockey season, nominees were received in an attempt to find the best city that exemplied the sport of ice hockey. It was a fun process to watch. And, the city of Roberville won.

Watching any hockey game held in Quebec is just pure entertainment and fun. I just love hearing the announcer in both English and French. Too cool.

Also, the way the crowd sings “Olaaay, Olay, Olaay…etc.” is pure entertainment. I wonder where that started from, what the history of it is. ?

No Fancy Tools Needed

After having just finished a chapter in my book, I think it would be a good idea to blog about it. It is tied directly into recuperating from a total knee replacement.

30 years ago…When I was in a body cast, I learned to dress myself with my feet. (You do what you have to do). The task was not easy, but I did it. And, it may have been time consuming, but who cares? One doesn’t move too fast while in a body cast, anyways. 🙂

Skip to this year….While going through the pre-op tkr class, an occupational therapist introduced all of us patients to different contraptions that were designed to help us with the recuperation process. I remember, in particular, a grabber that came in different lengths. So many of these items are just downright unnecessary – in my opinion.

Granted, some people cannot use all of their faculties and definitely benefit from these devices. However, others who do have their faculties just rely on these mechanisms because: 1) they don’t know otherwise; or 2) they don’t want to put forth the effort.

It takes work to use your toes as a dressing tool. It also uses your muscles and helps your pocketbook.

Using your toes as fingers is actually kind of fun once you get the hang of it. 🙂