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Happy Halloween To All!! A Bootiful Pumpkin Recipe…

Happy Halloween to everyone reading this post. Halloween is a great holiday that is just pure fun. There’s something about the beautiful fall colors of rust, gold, orange, and dark tones that is simply exquisite – in my opinion. Plus – Entertainment can be found in a variety of ways ranging from haunted houses, corn mazes to parties.

Another great part of this holiday is the FOOD!! Autumn is a great time of the year to enjoy succulent squashes.  Besides being colorful, squashes are very nutritious and easy to cook with! Pumpkins – a squash – can be used in so many different ways other than just carving them up. Here’s a quick, nutritious way to use pumpkin…

Buy a fresh pumpkin called “sugar pumpkin”. They’re the smaller ones that usually range about 6”-8” in diameter. In addition to being so pretty, they are quite tasty.

Simply cut up the pumpkin. Scoop out the seeds and set them aside. You can make a healthy snack of pumpkin seeds from these. (Recipe forthcoming)

Place the cut pumpkin into a steamer. Steam until done, about 20 minutes. You can tell when it’s done by poking it with a fork or knive. The utensil should go in and out easily.

When done, remove from heat. Let cool.

Either: Mash up the flesh and turn it into a side dish of mashed pumpkin. Add butter and spices to your taste.

Or, take the steamed pumpkin wedge and sprinkle some brown sugar on it.  Simply scrumptious!!

How easy is that? Enjoy!


(I’m tying together eating healthy with healing after a total knee replacement. This is good for the computer bots. 🙂 ) Remember, you are what you eat!! Eating healthy will help your recuperation process.


Walking Through a Haunted Corn Maze

Part of the recuperation process involving a total knee replacement includes walking on uneven surfaces. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on your viewpoint, we need to be careful about the surface we walk on. They can either strengthen us, or cause us harm.

It’s been about nine months since my tkr, and I still get tired after walking a while on uneven surfaces. It’s definitely better than before my surgery, though. There is no doubt about that! Far too many times, I remember my ankle swaying back and forth causing me undue hardship and pain. It’s not a pleasant feeling. It could be worse, though.

Last week I had the pleasure of partaking in a haunted cornfield maze. It was a blast, but involved uneven dirt surfaces. It was the first time since my total knee replacement that I walked a distance on dirt. Dirt surfaces are always a point of concern for me. If it had been raining at all that day, there is no way I’d feel comfortable walking on that surface.

Anyways, throughout the walk, I was fine. It was only upon getting home that I realized how tired I was. That tiredness turned into pain as the evening progressed.

The knee pain diminished within a few hours. All I did is sit on the sofa, prop my leg up on a pillow, and ice it. It worked. Plus there was some good hockey on television. 🙂

It took longer to get rid of my sore throat caused by all the silly screaming I did. Those evil reapers will get me every time.

“Why Don’t You Look Into the Camera?”

Recently, on the NHL Live! Show, a fan sent in an email questioning why the team of EJ Hradek and Don LaGreca do not look into the camera. What kind of question is that? I thought it was rather strange, but then again, it needed to be read. “Why don’t you look into the camera more?” was the emailer’s question.

First of all, the show is a XM/Sirius radio broadcast that happens to be televised on the NHL Network. It is not intended as entertainment such as a televised talk show. Anyways, the results of that question were very entertaining.

At the end of the segment after the email, Don LaGreca tried sticking his mug (face) into the camera. Only it was the wrong camera. That was funny.

Then, a couple of segments later, something memorable happened. (Strong chuckle goes here). At the end of commercial, the camera segways back into the NHL Live! Studio. What are viewers greeted with? An extreme close-up of Don LaGreca’s smiling mug face. Apparently, he had gotten up on a chair, grabbed a hold of the camera holder, and got as close as he could to the camera. To say it was entertaining, is an understatement. It was not a sight to behold. 🙂 It, truthfully, would have made a great Halloween mask. I’m not saying that Don LaGreca is not attractive, he’s just not eye candy like a Mike Modano-type is. 🙂

Another day of hockey entertainment supplied by the crew at NHL Live! Thank you…

Being Sensitive to the Cold – Total Knee Replacement

Recently, I came across some questioning from other total knee replacement people (tkr) going through recuperation. It seems that some were wondering if it was “normal” to get cold so easily. As they were talking, something rang a bell in my thought processes. “Ah…being extra sensitive to the colder weather must be part of the healing process,” I thought to myself.

It’s just funny how I didn’t think much about this aspect prior to hearing others being concerned about it. Yes, I too, find that I need to get “bundled up” more than I normally would. It seems that I get chills much easier than I “normally” would.

At home, fleece and/or flannel clothing work well. Even a knit cap does wonders during the night.

My knee is still swollen (almost nine months after my tkr). This means that my immune system is still not up to par. So, I need to take extra precautions that the average bear would not have to.

Oh well, so be it. Maybe this information will help others going through the same situation. As Red Green likes to say, “We’re all in this together.”

Sarah Palin Drops Puck at St. Louis Blues’ Game

Sarah Palin dropped the ceremonial first puck at a St. Louis Blues’ game Friday night.  Here is the link to the article found on Yahoo News…


Bret Hedican update

Today on NHL Live! we were informed that Bret Hedican has signed a one year contract with the Anaheim Ducks.  Hedican is a Stanley Cup winner from the Caroline Hurricanes.

For those ‘Dancing With The Stars’ fans….Hedican is married to Kristi Yamaguchi, the Olympic Gold Medalist and woman extraordinaire. 🙂

One-Legged Maneuver on Exercise Bike

Yesterday while ending my “regular” riding on my exerise bike, I tried something different. It seems to work out well, so I thought I’d share it.

Using my leg with the bionic knee, I pedal with just that leg. I’ll start calling it my “one-legged maneuver”. This is when the foot straps come in real handy. Without those, this maneuver would be very difficult (if not impossible).

For an even better workout, I find it works great to go in reverse. 🙂 I consider both of these moves a great workout since I work up quite a sweat.

Note: While doing this one-legged workout on my total knee replacement leg, it sure does help to have arm handles to hold on to. Actually, it’s not just that I’m holding on to them. I squeeze those things so tight, if they were human – they’d be screaming.

Anyways, it’s fun to find new exercises to add to the total knee replacement recuperation process.

I’m pooped.