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Does Your Total Knee Replacement “Click”?

I have had a number of readers relay information to me that I find quite interesting. It seems that there is a problem with their bionic knees making clicking sounds.

Luckily, I do not have this problem. It would be a strange one to have, indeed. The majority of the time I have no problem with any “sound”. However, sometimes I do “feel” something similar to that of taking a sheet of aluminum foil and wadding it up. My bionic knee sometimes (rarely) “crinkles”.

It is a difficult feeling to describe. I cannot hear it, either. And, when I put my hand over my tkr knee, I cannot feel this “crinkling” happening.

For myself, this happens so rarely that I don’t give it a second thought. I just wanted to bring it up since I know others who have had a total knee replacement are having similar experiences as mentioned above.

Anybody else have similar experiences they would want to share?


60 Responses

  1. Of my bilaterals, my left never makes any noise but the right seems to “click” at times. People around me can actually hear the sound if it’s quiet in the room. The OS told me it may be a ligament snapping over the implant on the inside of the knee. There is no pain so I don’t worry about it. I’m hoping as my leg gets stronger the clicking will go away. The right knee is also the one that has more instability and pain.

    • I had rt knee replaced one mo ago. I have clicking all the time.
      no pain . I will see the Md soon and ask about this. I will not have any more surgery on the knee. had a rough mo. still in Pt . lot of problems from pain med. Has any one had the clicking go away in time?

      • i had a total knee replacement approx 2 months ago /about 3wks after when the swelling went down::it started to click, {no pain] my Dr. told to get an ankle wt. then when sitting down do knee bends lifting foot off the floor . so far it is still clicking/ i am hoping it will stop soon

      • I also have knee “clicking” sometimes worse in the mornings. Does not hurt, just very annoying. Will it go away with time. Should I exercise more or less, knee still hurts mostly when moving around in bed at night.

  2. I had my TKA 4 months ago and my knee clicks all the time when I walk. The clicking happens at the end of my stride as I am lifting my leg up to bring it forward for the next step. Sometimes there is mild pain but most of the time it is just an uncomfortable feeling. It also happens when I ride the stationary bike at the top of the pedal motion when my knee is bent. The OS has said my knee is loose and I may require a bigger plastic spacer but wants to wait until all the swelling has gone down and if my muscles compensate for the looseness.

    • doing some research on clicking & TKR & came across your response. It is closest to the description of mine. However, mine didn’t start still 5-6 months after surgery. I’m just curious as to what the final resolution for yours was. Thanks!

  3. Thanks for your comments, Janice and Don. I’m confident other readers will appreciate them, also.

    Good luck to both of you along your recuperation path. 🙂

  4. I thought the clicking was the knee-cap trying to find its optimum position. 4 months post-op and I have not heard it for several weeks. Hope it stays away!

    • Matt, did the clicking with every step and almost always there? I’m now 6 wks and it is clicking TWICE with every step. Was you clicking there mostly then left around 4 months? Got no answer from the doc except he said WIll it go away? Maybe. Never had anyone say it bothered them despite no pain.
      Seems like the knee cap is too tight. Thanks for any insight.

  5. Hi Matt,
    I never heard about a tkr knee clicking until some others commented on it. Must be a weird thing to have going on.

    Good luck to you!

  6. 5mos post op and i have the same clicking/rachetting issue when i walk. os tells me that i have too much space in between and it may require a larger spacer put in which requires a surgery and he wants to give me more time to heal. i had 3 previous surgeries on this knee prior to the tkr. but he also mentioned that if i do that i will be giving up some range of motion. you did not mention that your os told you that so i wanted to mention that. i am considering it because this is really annoying and i am an active 49 yr old, or at least i hope to be again. keep me posted and you are the only one i found with this issue. take care and good luck. email me if you want sportmom43@aol.com

    • Just scheduled my revision to replace my spacer – 13mm should be 16mm. Don’t know why he couldn’t get it right the first time….

      So Oct 1 I’ll go in again.

      My tkr makes LOTS of noise plus is very unstable – the femur sometimes slips right off of the spacer to the left! Luckily I’ve been able to catch myself everytime so I haven’t gone down. Oh yes, & pain & swelling…

      Trying to find anyone who’s had their spacer replaced – hoping the recovery is VERY much shorter.

      LTKR 4/20/09

      • Oh my, bless your heart!

        Maybe the revision will be much easier than the original surgery, I would think so…..

        Best of luck……

      • hey melissa
        you found me. i am 10 weeks out from my rtkr revision. i had my tkr 7/08. so at 11mos out i had to get a revision. my os said he needed to wait closer to a year to let the original surgery heal, esp the scar tissue. anyway i was having a patellar clunk and grinding when i walk. it was too much space between and was unstable etc. i had an 11 and went to a 16 spacer. and because of the grinding the kneecap had to replaced too but the same size was put in. i can tell you that the revision is pretty much the same as the first time around. i did think i went up in range of motion faster than first time. but i think it was because i knew what to expect and what had to be done. but everything else is just the same. i have an otis-med custom fit knee. everything is custom fit but the spacer which is chosen by the surgeon, and the most important part. what kind is yours and where are you from? i am from pa. well good luck, i hope it works for you. these knees are tricky. let me know how it goes. take care

        • so glad I found you! So you got a 16mm 2nd time around too! I have a Zimmer knee. I’m worried that you say it was the same as the first time around – didn’t you recover faster because there was no bone cutting? My surgery is on a Thursday, 3 days in hospital then off the next week – THEN i was hoping to go back to work! Hope I’m not crazy. I have my own bookkeeping service & if I’m not at the clients they get nervous. Luckily I can do a lot remotely but it’s not the same as being at their offices. The OS said he will not put any driving restrictions on me this time (it’s my left ) & I can go straight to cane-no walker & no post-op drain… so I’m really hoping…..
          Interesting you mention your kneecap – besides the swelling & pain I’m having because the spacer is too small – I’m also experiencing some kneecap pain – probably all related eh? The worst is the unstability tho – sometimes I feel like my leg is going to bend in half SIDEWAYS!
          Oh, I’m in Redondo Beach, CA and I’m 54.
          How’s your range and walking now – 10 weeks out?

          • hey melissa
            let’s see if i can go through your questions. the recovery was faster in respect to range of motion getting there quicker, probably due to no bone cuts. and maybe due to pushing harder because your know you can and not hurt it. unlike first time around where i was afraid of it. pretty much your second and third week i felt the same as first time just because you are healing from the surgery itself. because all of that is the same. i did not have a drain either time and the walker you will need the first week at least because of the stability and soreness and keeping your gait normal. when you go to the cane you tend to lean. my experience, anyway. but after that the cane was better. driving was a nono as long as on stronger pain meds. this is my right and i am still not driving at 10 weeks. the lifting from pedal to pedal is painful and not trusting my reaction time yet. but you should be fine. you may also have to get a new kneecap, because the clunking caused some damage to the kneecap. depends on what it looks like. if that gets changed the kneecap is really sore from them getting it off, because that is cemented. but that is getting better in last few weeks. bending in halve sideways! that sounds scary. the instability was not fun, i know. i am not sure what my range is now because i am doing my own pt. but i think that it is as far as it will go and pretty much the same as the other leg. my walking is not painful but my gait needs work. i am still favoring it due to the fact that i think i need to protect it, because my os told me before i left the hospital, “just don’t fall”. california sounds like a great place to rehab! not looking forward to the cold weather coming in pa. i am turning the big 50 in december. so i was glad to hear that you are one of the young ones too as they say. so a quick recovery is in you favor. i just hope this works out for you, because it is much to go through again physically and mentally. well take care and keep me posted as there are only 1% of us out there, so i am told. sharon

          • hi again,
            i forgot, i wanted to ask you if your os asked you to go for a bone scan to rule out any loosening of the prothesis itself, since your have so much instability. i had to get one the week before the surgery. that tells them if they have to replace the tibia or femur piece also. just a thought. take care

  7. Hi Sharon,
    Thanks for your interesting comment. My clicking bionic knee does not happen regularly enough to cause me any concern. And, I would absolutely refuse to have another surgery due to someone telling me that’s the only solution. I would live with the clicking, but that’s me.
    Is the os who is telling you that you need this surgery the same one who performed the original one? If so….why did they put in too much space to begin with? Just a thought, hope you’re not offended.
    Best of luck to you and keep in touch.

  8. unfortunately i can not live with this clicking/rachetting. it is dominating how i have to walk because of it. its not normal and very fatiguing. like a pounding on the prothesis with every step. i think when they size up these spacers they are looking to give you the most range of motion. when they put in thicker ones you loose some of that. and also sometime the car tissue fills in as time goes on which he said he sees an improvement since my last check up 10 wks ago. i glad that he is honest and wants to give it more time to heal and hopefully get better. he says there are also other ways to shim it up if need be and sometimes the prothesis have to be tweeked in some patients. i have been with this 0S since 2002 and he is one of the best in the country and i trust his judgement. i have also gotten 2,3 and 4 other opinions just to back up my own decision. i have done my homework but knees are a complicated joint . thanks for your feedback, i appreciate it.

  9. I have had on and off clicking for 6 months since tkr and right now louder and more noticeable than ever. I have been doing lots of work around the house including up and down stairs many times. This is very annoying since I want to have my other knee done. I have a Zimmer knee . Is this typical and is this forever??

  10. Hi Miucchino,
    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your comment. I do not know if clicking of the knee is typical nor forever. I do know that I have experienced it a couple of times (11 months post tkr) and some other readers have also mentioned it.
    Keep in touch!

  11. My new knee clicks all the time and the doc says it is normal and actually a good sign that the swelling is down in the knee. Not to worry it is aokay. Knee replaced July 28th 2008 Left knee

  12. i was wondering how don bell was making out with his clicking knee. if you are still online, let me know how your making out with that knee, since you are the only one that has a knee that clicks like mine. did you get another spacer yet? what type of knee was put in, mine is a otismed custom fit tkr with stryker triathalon? take care and hope you are doing well.

  13. My knee now seems to be doing some “clicking” which feels odd when I walk……I’m hoping it’s something normal, and is just because I’ve been on my feet a lot more in the past 10 days…..and maybe as my leg gets stronger, it will go away. I am still having trouble with my leg being very stiff when I go from sitting to standing. Several people at work have pointed out that I am limping, which I try very hard NOT TO DO…….but I tried to explain it to them like this…..wrap your straightened leg tightly from thigh to shin with duct tape……..and then try to walk normally bending your knee! They laugh, but say “aha”………

    I refuse to have any more surgery at this point in my life!!!!!

  14. i’m 9 months out from tkr…mine clicks all the time and still hurts most of the time…prior to that surgery i had a high tibial osteotmy before that 4 knee arthroscopies.. (all in two years)….my biggest promblem is i can’t bend it back very far before the pain about kills me ….not muscle pain but it’s like a shooting pain….i need a new doctor i think lol this can’t go on any longer..i guess i don’t know who to turn to…thanks for listening to me and good luck to all…

  15. My surgery for knee replacement is approximately 4-5 yrs. old. Lately my knee has been clicking off and on. It’s getting a little more frequent. No pain except in bed at night if I move it a certain way.

    The surgery was a newer technique called micro surgery where the incision is shorter and the muscles are not cut. I was out of the hospital in 4 days and walking steps. My first replacement took almost two years to feel normal again. Now I am wondering if the clicking is related to the micro surgery. My Ortho doc is too busy to see me tomorrow and he’s leaving town for a week. Just wish I knew what was going on!

  16. Had tka on Oct.28 08, out of hospital in 4 days. Every thing was great until 2 days later when infection set in so returned to hospital. Diagnosed with blood
    poison, stayed about a week. Got out and started my PT which was a brutal 4 weeks. Left for our winter home in Az.,then the knee started to click and rachet.
    It doesn’t hurt but I can’t be very active with it or it will start to hurt. Went to another OS here and she said this is a normal thing, which I’m not buying. I am retuning home next week and have the other knee done but first I will need some good answers on what can be done with this clicking knee. I am very disapointed with the thing.

  17. Had tkr on Oct.28 08, out of hospital in 4 days. Every thing was great until 2 days later when infection set in so returned to hospital. Diagnosed with blood
    poison, stayed about a week. Got out and started my PT which was a brutal 4 weeks. Left for our winter home in Az.,then the knee started to click and rachet.
    It doesn’t hurt but I can’t be very active with it or it will start to hurt. Went to another OS here and she said this is a normal thing, which I’m not buying. I am retuning home next week and have the other knee done but first I will need some good answers on what can be done with this clicking knee. I am very disapointed with the thing.

  18. Had a TKR last month, had minimally invasive, and was mobile almost immediately. I have full extention (0 degrees) and functional flexation (108 degrees). I will start out-patient PT tomorrow. But the clicking is making me nuts–it feels awkward, though not painful. Actually, it does feel like a ligament is snapping over the knee, like a double-clicking. Would muscle strengthening & ligament stretching rectify this?

  19. I saw my ortho doc about two weeks ago and told him about my right knee clicking at times. He had no answer. All he said was “scar tissue?” This knee was done 6 years ago. My left knee was done 12 yrs. ago and no clicking. The two surgeries were entirely different. Left was minimal surgery. Right took me two years to get back to normal. Perhaps the clicking has something to do with minimal surgery technique.

  20. hey all clicking knee bloggers,

    i am 8mos post op a custom fit tkr. i have had clicking from the beginning. pt said normal, PA said normal, OS said maybe scar tissue, give it a little time. my clicking is when walking it clicks or hits 2-3times and i have to do everything straight legged. when i try to walk normal or put weight on it in a bend it goes out. when i sit down i feel snapping. so i had my checkup with OS last tuesday, and guess what he said i need a revision now because the knee is rocking side to side because the liner that is on top of the tibia should be thicker. causing the clicking, too much room and the tendons on either side of the knee are too laxed and therefore instability. now i said so much for custom fit hah. he said that the liner is the only part that is not custome fit. that it was the surgeons choosing of the size. so now what? another major surgery in june and start all over again. i am not happy to say the least. not to mention now the high risk of infection. so when you tell your doctors about the clicking and they say normal, don’t believe it. its only normal if everyone has it. in order for something mechanical to work properly it has to be installed properly and precise and if it is smooth it will work smoothly. this surgery was minimal technique sparing the muscles also. the knees themselves all work the same way. if it wouldn’t be that i am only 49 and would still like a life i would not consider this. but i have had 3 other surgeries on this knee, one every year for the past 4 years including the tkr and i have worked so hard. so good luck to you all with clicking knees and i will keep you posted on my progress. take care

  21. Good luck to you Sharon. What a bummer to have to go through this procedure again. Have you gotten more than one opinion? Sorry to hear about your continuing problem with knee. Keep us posted.

  22. hi bettye
    thanks for the comment. as for other opinions. i did that to 3 other docs before the tkr and unfortuneatly they don’t treat you very nicely. because they don’t want to try to correct another doctor’s case or mistake in this case. and in the end it is your decision. it ends up getting you more frustrated. i understand the mechanics of what happened here and what it takes to correct it, and i am confident he can do the procedure, i am just mad that it happened in the first place you know. i just have to decide if now is the right time, like the os said time will not change the problem. anyway thank you for your concern.

  23. I’m at 15 weeks post-op. No more clicking, it seems to have disappeared at about 2.5 months, with increased mobility and flex. I finished PT at 12 weeks , the only complaint is that I still get tired easily. I understand the energy level is the last thing to rebound.

    As for the pain meds, I had a severe allergic reaction to percocet, this landed me in the ER 7 days after my operation. I went off everything after that, and by the grace of God had very little pain. I used tylenol for PT but after about 10 weeks didn’t even need that. Doc is amazing, but he also said staying fit, working out religiously before and after helped my recovery.

  24. I had knee replacement in 2006. A breeze. Hardly any pain at all in the 3 day hospital stay. I was a micro surgery. Better than the first one in 2000 BUT just recently I have been having the knee clicking on the one done in 2006. My doctor is clueless. Suggested it might be scar tissue.

  25. I have had two total knee replacements. Both of them were done in 2004. I did have some clicking for awhile after each surgery but the clicking went away. I am a Physical Therapist and I had terrible pain in my knees before the surgery. I would have been grateful if I only had clicking in the knees as long as I have no pain. I returned to work after 8 months and I continue to work. I am 60 years old. If my knee replacements loosen in the future, I will have a revision done because living with constant pain is not for me. If you don.t have pain when the knee clicks then try to get used to it. They are coming up with new techniques for surgery all the time. If you do have pain and can’t find a doctor to do a revision keep looking. There are wonderful Orthopedists who do revisions on failed knees all the time. You just have to look around. Ask a Physical Therapist. Make sure you do your exercises, if it clicks too much then back off a little but don’t stop. God Bless you with a good recovery.

  26. Still clicking along but only after greater usage. If I watch carefully how I use my knee I can eliminate the clicking but then I sort of limp.

    My surgery (micro) was done in 2006 and the clicking just started this year.

  27. I had a TKR in august 09. As soon as I woke up I could feel something was wrong. After insisting on x-rays, because the doc didn’t feel there was any need, found out someone left cement hanging off the tibial edges, alot and enough to cut into the peroneal nerves. If you have unexplained pain and or disfunction, don’t settle for “it’s normal” or “wait and see”, “your doing just fine”, or nothings wrong. Insist on imaging, then get another doctor for 2nd or 3rd opinions. Hold their feet to the fire, because docs just like mechanics, contactors or any human being want to cover thier own asses first. My doc f*&%ked up and so did the anesthesiologist. Dont let them get away with it because after they hurt you, they’ll hurt someone else too. DONT LET THEM GET AWAY WITH IT…..be your own advocate, hell get a lawyer if they screwed up, it’s the only way to protect your self and the next person they hold a knife to.
    janice meesly

    • Love your blog name. You hit the nail on the head in what you said. Does not sound good what you went through. If you ever seen a tkr surgery video you would wonder how in the hell this could even happen. I feel for you. I hope this gets worked out for you. Did the same surgeon fix it or what did you do? I am in a situation myself where the more he says he can fix it the worst it gets. Unfortuneatly in talking to a lawyer most cases there is nothing you can do to them. It sucks that they can get away with this stuff. Well I hope all is better with you and thank you for sharing your story. There are more of us out there than anyone can imagine. Take care.

  28. I am at just under 6 weeks right TKR and have been clicking for a few days now. My brother who has had two TKR’s says it’s just a phase you go through, and usually stops. Doesn’t bother me as there’s no pain. My “good” knee, which btw is not so good is also clicking,……I woudn’t worry too much about this.

  29. Had TKR 12-8-2009 and a bad stay in hospital 4 days turned into 9 due to multiple complications along with 2 transfusions a word of wisdom if surgeon says maybe donate a pint of blood just in case DO IT, had original knee injury in 1973 and 5 surgerys later nothing left to fix so had to sweat it out till you cant wait anymore. Rehab was a bitch and 8 weeks later am back to work now have 0 to 120 degrees and no pain but have that click sometimes not all the time when knee moves fwd no pain just odd feeling and VERY annoying . Rehab people say that some get this and with rehab and exercise to build up the muscle that it will go away in time, what time is anybodies guess. Surgeon says same thing but also said that in some people it never goes away , you got it for life, needless to say we had bad words about this and as some of you here have said I will never have another TKR or revision unless I cant get up to walk. Surgeon used Zimmer knee and I hope it will work out but I have read a few of the posts and a lot of you have had the Zimmer knee. I hope this helps.

    • Hi Ron,
      Sorry to hear about all your tkr problems. My tkr clicking has stopped, luckily. I did not have a Zimmer, btw.
      I am completely satisfied with my tkr.
      Keep in touch and good luck!

  30. I had a rtk replacement on Jan. 11, 2010 and my knee has clicked since the first time I stepped out of bed. It drives me crazy.
    In addition I have not slept the night through since I came home from the hospital. How long did it take you all to sleep through the night? I am getting so tired.


    • Let me give you all a good one..In 08 had TKR but put up with the knee for 2 yrs with tons of pain meds and went on with life ,oh by the way life was installing floors.Ok Dec. 08 TKR ever thing goes great I was told but I notice a rubbing ,popping inside the knee.’ told it will go away.Go back 10 months popping can be heard outside my knee every time I step and is much louder ; told or asked by OS what would you like me to do about it, give you a shot. Get second opinion in same town ; told its just parts in the knee klanging on one another. Popping is so bad now that my original bad knee sounded better and it even pops when I am sitting down and I move that knee. Feb. 26 2010, this is where I stand, go to another state,see another Dr. says knee has to much play in it and spacer is the wrong size and things did,nt draw up as much as it should have. Told in order to fix has to go back in and change and redo a few things. Great right, thats not all.remember the pain meds in the beginning ,no one has bothered to get me off of them and they were to be used until I got my TKR.I sit here today not standing with a bad knee on 160 mg of methodone a day and 40 mg of percocets to go with it no job, remember I installed flooring. Well I could hire an attorney but the statue of limitations have run out. Lets wrap this up,A bad knee ,so much drugs you,ll have to go thru rehab and early retirement at 53.So, if you want to know what not to do , I might be able to help you. Have A Nice Day.

  31. I had this same problem. Had a tkr in 7/08. Complained of clicking, rachetting when walking. Said I needed a larger spacer. So I had a revision 11 mos later in 6/09.
    He put in a larger spacer and a new kneecap. The rehab was not as long or as painful as first time around. And it seemed to take away most of the problem.

    • I had TKR on both knees the first week in April 2010 and have clunking/ratcheting in both knees with every step that I take. It is uncomfortable and by the end of the day my knee cap is quite sore. I want it fixed but do not want to lose the other benefits of TKR. I have 140 degrees flex on my right knee and 128 on the left. I’m in week 11 and have pain only in the knees themselves. How did the larger spacer affect your flex? How long was the rehab from the spacer? and was it arthroscopic surgery?

    • I had revision on my left TKR 10/28/2010 to replace spacer. Original spacer was 11 and it was replaced with 13. Less clicking but not entirely eliminated. Recovery similar to original – maybe a bit faster but still painful and hard PT work. The clicking had caused scar tissue which was removed when the larger spacer was put it.
      If this resolves the pain and clicking in my left TKR, will have it done to my right. My right TKR is still clicking and painful at 8 months post-op.

  32. Hope some one out there can help me. Had a TKR on Feb 24/10. Lots of pain , and unable to tolerate any medication stronger than regular tylenol . Experiencing some clicking as well as a feeling like the side of my knee is pushing into me. Don’t know if something has come loose or if this
    is normal. Can’t get into my OS unitl May 25th. Also having great difficulty get my bending range of motion back, , because I can’t get past the pain. Hope someone out there will have some answers for me . I am feeling like the decision to go ahead with this , may have been the worst mistake of my life.

  33. Total misery! I have clicking that hurts. My doctor says it might be a micro dab of cement….that eventually will wear away. I am three months laterstill swollen and blue. I will never do this again!

  34. TKR was 5 weeks ago. Just noticed clicking sensation in knee when it bends. Doesn’t hurt, just annoying. Mentioned it to my PT and he said it could be scar tissue, that at 5 weeks I shouldn’t be concerned but if I still feel it at 6 months there might be cause for concern. I have xrays tomorrow, and see my doctor in 3 days. I’ll see what he says. I really, really, don’t want to have another surgery on this knee as I am looking to have the other knee also replaced next year. I am 58 yrs. old and have been told by doctor and PT that I am very far ahead of recovery that is expected. My ROM is 0 – 120. I could ride the stationary bike 2 weeks after surgery. I’ll post again after I talk to doctor. Good luck to everyone.

  35. My tkr was 18 months ago, operation was good, but my body shut down. Four days in hospital, three weeks in rehab, four months with p.t. One month after surgery, felt very weak, right from Dr.s office right to hospital, my blood pressure was next to nothing, dehydrated and had an infection, where they couldn’t find out. Because of the infection I couldn’t get a room, so had to stay in the emergency room two days. My knee would not bend enough, so back in the hospital for a manipulation, to break up scar tissue. Now, my knee clicks, was to OS yesterday, says normal, shows there is no fluid buildup, is because of metal on plastic. I am a sixty seven year old female, very active, very fit, I have a Smith & Nephew, The Journey High Performance Knee. I will need the other done, but I will wait, now that I have all this info I will be better informed, about ME.

  36. Dec. 4 2008 had tkr of left knee. Always swelled up and clicked sometimes with pain. Seen my OS. Took an ex-ray and said, “I’am very sorry but your tkr has failed, you will need a re-vision. I had the re-vision in March 26, 2010. I did some research on Zimmer knee recalls. Come to find out the FDA had recalled one of the parts in my knee in Nov. 09. I asked for the sticker numbers on my prosthesis, and there it was. Ref. no. Lot no. I’am waiting on some legal advice. It had only been 15 months since my tkr, and I needed a revision, when these should last at least 15 yrs. or more???????????? I’am a 57 year old Female. The last couple of years, have been you know what. HedoubleLL. Good Luck to the rest of you.

  37. Hi clickers! 🙂 So interesting to read your posts. I had a TKR 5 days ago. All went well, I was home in 48 hours and walked to my local pub today (100 yards, on crutches). But i do have a click from time to time, so I am happy to know that I am not alone… and there may be a fix.

    • Hi Bonneville…
      That’s funny…”Hi clickers!”. Thanks for the laugh. Glad you like my blog. Good luck and rock on!

  38. I had TKR on my right leg last year and have had no problems at all. Then 2 months ago I had it on my left leg…and the clicking has started…with every step. or when I swing my leg. And I am limping a bit now. It is not the cement as I had no cement with this leg. I have 130 in flexion in it, but have a hard time straightening it. Do these clicks get worse, or should I just live with it?

  39. Had my tkr on right knee 1st June but when about to leave hospital on 8th with much swelling and about 80 degrees bend suffered allergy that put me into Intensive care for 8 days. Discharged 19th June and my leg is still swollen down to ankle. Have just about reached 90 degrees bend but walking produces painless small click in knee. Swelling definitely restricts bend and therefore walking properly. Have no wish whatsoever to go back for further surgery thank you.

    Do others find swwelling increases during day and then better next morning? How long for swelling to go down and not limit ankle movement?

    • Hi Michael,
      Thanks for visiting my blog and sharing your experience. My tkr leg would swell, only around my knee and ankle, after exercising. After elevating and icing, my swelling would subside within 30 minutes.
      Hope this helps. Good luck!

      • Swelling seems to be my main problem as it restricts movement. After a short time on my feet (about 90 degree flex) my ankle and calf are solid as a rock. Raising my feet above my heart whilst lying down helps a little but how practical is that during the normal day. I am currently doing lunge flexing excercises (place foot on bottom stair or somerthing similar and lean forward to bend the knee as far as you can. Hold for 30 seconds and then repeat bending further if you can. Do this 10 times once per day) and one I dreamt up myself.

        Sit on a table and dangle both legs over the sides with the table edge underneath your knees. Tie a loop in a piece of string and place that around the TKR foot. Run the string under the table and back over the top and hold in your right hand. Pull on the string until the bending knee begins to hurt and then hold for 30 seconds. Then pull some further and again hold for 30 seconds. It does in fact work well.

        I really need advice on how to get the ankle and calf swelling down!

  40. Had my TKR right knee on 7-12-10 all went well, driving in two weeks with some pain but not able to go out at night 4-5 weeks. Only did PT 5 times great range. The worst was not being able to sleep until 6 weeks. Back to gym and two concerts all would be great if my knee was silent and no clicking. No pain just a very annoying.

    Larry PK

  41. Hi Larry i had my TKR aug.24/10 i am still wearing a leg brace as the knee is not stable/ about 3 wks. it started to click [ no pain } was told to do knee bending while sitting with an ankle wt. [ that may help } just started that a week ago,so far has not helped ?????

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