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A Natural Sleep Aide After a TKR

Sleeping comfortably after having a tkr (total knee replacement) surgery done is, to say the least, troublesome. As I mentioned previously in blog posts, it took me about three months to be able to sleep on my side. Even then, though, it was painful.

It’s almost 11 months after my tkr and I have found a sleeping aide that works well. By “works well” I mean it eases the pain. It works for me, so I’m hoping it can work for others in the same situation.

That sleep aide is a body pillow. While using a regular or large pillow before, I found that there was still too much pressure on either my ankles or knees. This would cause increased pain. With a body pillow, this doesn’t seem to happen. My having that extra cushioning along the length of my leg really makes a difference. Let’s hope it lasts.

The only drawback to using a body pillow it can be rather cumbersome if you want to turn over onto your other side. Life can be rough, I say. 🙂

NOTE: I’m kind of afraid to say anything, though, since it’ll probably start hurting tonight. (Murphy’s Law follows me around, you know).

Thought this may help those of us trying to get a good night’s sleep while recuperating from a total knee replacement surgery.

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The Clicking Bionic Knee

Just within the past few weeks, some of my readers have commented on the fact that their tkr (total knee replacement) knee clicks. At that point, the news was surprising to me since it hadn’t happened to me.

Well, today it happened. And, it’s the strangest thing. I could hear it, but not feel it. My knee is more swollen than usual, but I just attribute that to the ongoing recuperation process from my total knee replacement surgery – which by the way, is almost 11 months ago.

I kept walking, and the click stopped. Then, it would start again. Bizarre.

Building A Snowman After a Total Knee Replacement

Today was perfect weather for building a snowman (or, in the nonsexist version…snowperson). The snow was finally packable. I was curious to see how I’d fend while taking on this endeavor. I’ll call it the “building a snowman exercise regime”. Well, my snowman looks great….and I’m pooped.

A few of my readers have asked me about getting easily exhausted while recuperating from a total knee replacement. Today, I will attest to that. I was working up a sweat, huffing and puffing, and am just beat. Last year, prior to my tkr, I didn’t have that problem. Hmm. I think it’s rather interesting, myself. Of course, last year’s snowman wasn’t as artistically developed as today’s. 🙂

In a previous post I talked about using a marching-type gait while walking in the snow for some tkr exercise. Today, the snow didn’t cooperate as well. My footing was such that as I put my foot down, BOOM…it would go down another level. So, I kept my walking in the snow to a minimum. To say my back and knee was hurting is an understatement.

So, after my snowy work of art was completed, I came inside, took a shower, and have been icing on the sofa ever since.

I have found a new use for those bright orange safety cones. They make for a great snowman hat. 🙂

P.S.  The movie “Ice Age” is on now.  Those Marching Dodos get me every time. 🙂

NHL Live! and EJ Hradek Update

Many of us NHL Live! viewers have been wondering what is going on with EJ Hradek and Don LaGreca. We have noticed that EJ has been absent from the show for awhile. Well…here’s some information…

On today’s NHL Live! Show (December 23, 2008), Don LaGreca mentioned about EJ Hradek still being involved in a “scheduling conflict issue that we discussed previously”. I do not know of the details.

I thought it was appropriate to write about this since I, at least, finally have some information to report on this matter. Some of my questions have been answered, and I hope the info helps all my hockey lovin’ readers.

I do not, and will not, partake in rumors or unsubstantiated information on any subject matter. Blogs are known for being a medium for this kind of thing, but I don’t agree with it. So, nothing’s been written here on this subject for awhile.

Background: While attending business college, I had it pounded into my head not to print anything that cannot be proved. “Have sources, cite your sources, and print only facts,” is what I heard throughout my business school tenure.

Just passing it along. Hope this helps…

Holiday Season Poem

Tis the season,
To share with others,
Put up the lights,
Eat the food,
Finally, be grateful
You’re in the mood.

Massive snow storm,
Covers the state,
Snowed in or stranded,
Can ski, walk, or be late

A Total Knee Replacement Workout – Snow Style

I live in an area that was blasted by a snow storm within the past couple of days. It makes for a great way to enjoy the holiday season, but provides isolation since I’m “snowed in”. There is about 12 inches of snow on the ground as I write.   However, there is time for fun….

Being almost 11 months out of a total knee replacement, I was curious to see how I’d fare by going for a “walk” in this snow covered wonderland. I knew I wouldn’t be slipping or sliding, and felt secure about the venture. So, I bundled up by putting on my boots, ski pants, Detroit Red Wings jacket, knit cap, and University of MI ski gloves. I was ready.

Turns out that it was a blast and provided me with a great workout. I “discovered” a new way to exercise with my bionic leg. Seeing that the snow is so deep, I needed to lift both of my legs like I was in the marching band. That’s the exercise…a marching type gait. It was fantastic! The traction was awesome. (Gotta have good traction, you know).

The snow was so deep that even as I finished cleaning off my car, I plopped over (another way of saying “fell over”) due to uneven footing. (Some of the snow compacted faster under one foot). No problem due to the extreme cushioning the snow provided. It was really cool. Whew…:) No pain, either. Double nice.

I really wanted to do a “snow angel”, but just couldn’t see myself getting down and up from the snow that easily. Oh well. And, I couldn’t build a snowman/person due to the snow not being that compactable. Bummer. 😦

Legal stuff: Let me say that even though this exercise venture worked great for me, it may not work for you. I am in good health other than my total knee replacement knee still recuperating. I am not obese or overweight. I can move well other than my bionic knee still needing better flexibility. So…this is my way of stating that if you try this….do it at your own risk. I am not responsible for your actions.