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Not Understanding A TKR Recuperation

I Don’t Understand

It’s been 10 months since my total knee replacement…

I ride my exercise bike regularly, 5-7 times weekly.
I walk regularly.
I take breaks as needed.
I ice after working out.
I seem to be recuperating just fine.

My knee is still swollen (but getting better).
My knee still has flexibility concerns.
My opposite side hip is hurting.
My opposite side knee is hurting.
My hamstring has contracted.
My recuperation from total knee replacement is frustrating.
My dislike of stairs is at an all time high.
I feel like a burden to others.
I know it could be much worse, so why am I feeling down?

I don’t understand.


95 Responses

  1. We make a good pair! I went to see my os today. I had thr on the right side last March. I have been having pain in the left hip lately, that is the one with that I had tkr on in July. OS told me I had a bursa on the left hip that was causing me the pain. I think we compensate for the knee pain in ways we aren’t aware of these compensations cause pain (such as in your hip) in other areas of the body. I walk with a limp still (5 months since my tkr) and the one nurse noticed this when I was walking back to the doctor’s office.
    I stopped icing my knee and now I massage my whole leg, especially prior to going to bed. That really seems to have helped me. the os told me that I was probably doing too much, do you think it is possible you may be doing too much too? He said, you don’t need to walk, bike, and exercise everyday. Alternate these, so you do one or two a day. I like swimming the best, I have more range of motion after swimming and sleep better. I also find that when I rock it is much easier to go up and down the stairs. My flexibility is not good either, but it is better than it was prior to my tkr surgery, I could hardly walk down the stairs then. He reminded me of that.
    We are allowed to feel sorry and frustrated, it will get our endorphins working! Keep up the good work, one day we will be saying we are glad we had it done. :>)

  2. It’s perfectly understandable why you don’t understand! So many others who have tkr are running around saying how great it is, how sorry they waited so long and then there are those like us who struggle and get frustrated. You’re right in that it could be much worse for you – you could have an infection, have lost your bend completely, severe pain. But somehow I think it’s the little constant things that drive you nuts with this surgery. Wanting to be normal and not quite there.

  3. I am only 6 weeks post op for a total knee replacement. I am so glad I found this site. I have never felt the pain that I have felt since this surgery. I started out patient therapy today and I’m praying this helps. I have trouble sleeping, I’m depressed a lot, and at times I regret even having the surgery. I feel like I am totally dependent on others. I have a bad back as well and the knee is surely not helping that. If anyone can give me words of encouragement it will surely help. I will be glad when 10 months has passed for me and I can see where I am. People who are supposed to be a support system for me act like I should be able to get up and do things on my own. After all, they look at it as you had surgery 6 weeks ago. Please stay in touch. I need the words of uplifting

    • Hi Rose, at 4 weeks post tkr I understand comletely what you say. People just will not understand the extent of the pain and frustration we are going through with this operation from hell, as I call it? Wonder how you’re doing now as you had your op almost a year ago now. I hope much improved and doing well?

    • Hi, Rose. Don’t you give up. I am almost 6 mos. out from tkr — and I u/stand how you feel.First of all, remember that EVERY person has a different recovery…there is no norm. Yes, the pain at first is rough — and I couldn’t sleep for 2-3 months, because I could never get into a comfortable position. I’m a side-sleeper, and could never get comfortable. However, the good news, is that now I am sleeping on my side and loving it!!! I was dependent on others for many weeks, but that’s how you will heal. If you overdo, you will not heal as well — so accept that this is your time and that you’ve had a very traumatic surgery. Do your exercises, and take whatever pain meds your doc gives you. I got discouraged, too …. thought that I would limp forever — and one day, I realized that I was walking w/o a limp!! It all comes, but slowly. It was worth the pain and frustration, and I will have the other knee replaced in the spring. Good luck…….patience is your greatest gift right now.

    • my problem is the slepping….you sleepping well ?

  4. Hi Rose,
    People who don’t have this surgery cannot possibly understand all that is involved. That’s why i started writing about it because I felt alone.
    The first three months are the hardest, the point you’re going through now. You’re lucky you have a good support system to assist you.
    It’s a long recuperation process –
    Good luck!

  5. Hi. I had TKR almost 6 weeks ago. I felt like I was making progress until recently when swelling became a big issue. My OS thinks it’s because my PT started massaging my knee last week. He said it seems like common sense to do so, but it actually is harmful because it breaks up tissue that’s in the middle of healing. I’m going to tell the PT not to massage next week and see if it helps. I’m wondering if you heard this as well?
    As far as support goes, sometimes I think my support system isn’t so great – friends and family tend to offer to bring over casseroles, for example, but they never do. After thinking about it, though, I think part of the problem is that I have a very difficult time asking for help, I hate to be so needy. Even though I know it hurts when I cook for myself (still can’t stand for long before the swelling and pain kick in), I keep thinking I should be able to cook a quick meal for myself. So when people offer to do things like bring over casseroles, I usually say ‘that’s okay, don’t bother,’ so then they don’t. And later I kick myself for not eagerly taking them up on it. I wasn’t prepared for the emotional impact of this surgery.

  6. hello fellow tkr bloggers,
    i feel everyones pain as i am almost 6 mos post tkr and am 49 yrs old. i had 4 other surgeries on this knee prior to the tkr. after each needed surgery i had including the tkr, i wondered if i did the right thing. but i did what i thought was right in order to achieve a quality of life that i could live with. only we can know how it feels day to day. a little better here and a little better there. as long as you are making SOME progress it’s good. if you ever seen a video on the internet of a tkr you would definetly understand that it’s no wonder i have pain. and why it takes time to recuperate. it all comes together sooner or later for everyone. but you have to work at it. the pt is very important. but it is also important to give it a rest in between considering what is going on inside there. so much has to heal mainly from the trauma of the surgery itself. the pain in the joint will be better because it has all new parts. it takes a good year to recuperate when there is so much to heal, tendons, muscle, nerves and circulation. massaging has always been great and necessary to keep the blood flowing and the scar tissue from forming in one area. i used to roll a special pt stick with beads on it to break up scar tissue over the incision and smooth out the muscle in my quad while the therapist was bending my knee. my therapist knew i wanted to get to that 90 degree bend for my os and i would get frustated but she would say even if you only go up one or two degrees it is progress. you may not be at the head of the class but your not in the back either. all of the sudden after the 3-4 month mark everything seems to go alot smoother and with less pain. so focus on the progress of the day and it will keep coming. be positive and accept the help wherever you can get it. i don’t really know anyone who has had the tkr that in the end regretted it. but it takes patience and hard work. thank god for this site. keep on blogging and for sure someone is listening and waiting the encourage you and give you a pat on the back for giving it your best that day and maybe throw in some good advice. anyone can email me too at sportmom43@aol.com. god bless and hang in there.

  7. Good comments Sportmom, I hit 5 weeks today and feel I have regressed a little. More pain and not walking so well. I am learning there are good days and not so good but the key is progress. I don’t think the surgeons elaborate enough on how long the recuperation is, maybe that would hurt sales.

    • Well, here it is September and I’m sure you’all are doing fine by now. My surgery was Aug. 4th – and living in sizzling hot Phoenix, AZ hasn’t helped my morale too much. I am female – age 72 and had the right knee replaced. The left knee isn’t so good – but oh well.

      I also feel that I have digressed. The 3rd week I had given up the walker – had PT at home for 3 weeks, and was really doing well. Now the knee has a higher level of pain after PT and I ice it all the time after exercise. The hospital sent home one of those “igloo” things and I also used that CPM machine for 3 weeks.

      . I can still only bend the knee to 85 degrees and every day it goes back to zippo before I exercise. I’m now going to PT outside the home 3 times a week.

      The bad thing for me is the depression. i cry at the drop of a hat and still take 10 mgs. of Hydrocodone before bed. I feel like I’m failing everyone – even myself. I worry about the pain increasing and that the knee isn’t going to bed all the way so I won’t have to have that procedure where they knock you out and bend it.

      This has been the hardest thing I’ve ever tackled physically and you’re right; they don’t tell you enough. I wish there was a support group so I could get some confidence and move on with this. I feel like such a wuss.

  8. Yes, Tom G……re: good days and not so good……..I am at 8 weeks now, and had a really bad day last Saturday, excessive swelling and lots of pain for about 48 hours, beginning Friday afternoon. Sunday was much better……today pretty good.

    I am not a very patient person, so I have had a lot of frustration with my rehab. Everyone says it takes time…..

    And, my doctor also did not tell me how long it would take to recuperate….he said “6 weeks” when I asked how long I’d be off work. Been 8 weeks tomorrow and I must go back to work next week…..and I’m sure my knee is not ready yet.

    So glad I’m not the only one! I was beginning to think I was a big sissy/whiner!!!!

  9. I am so glad to have found this site. I am 48 and had a TKR 4 months ago. I thought I was making slow progress as I still have a lot of pain, have only just been able to peddle my excercise bike and still unable to work as stairs are a problem, I work as a carer going round to peoples houses. How glad I am that what I am going through seems to be ‘normal’ for this surgery. I still get swelling but cant use ice as it makes my knee really ache, just elevate it and pop the pills!

  10. I also am glad to have found this site and be able to hear from others going thru the same process. I am 2 weeks post opt and thought I was doing really well. Able to manuever the house without the walker, and doing continuous stride while walking. Leg still very swollen, but feels pretty good until I went to PT last night. The girl twisted, pushed, pulled on my leg and knee, which now I have pain this morning and very frustrated.
    Going to seek out a different pt if any suggestions. Also, is it normal for the leg from surgery, feel “longer” than the other? Maybe needs to settle? Maybe I “waddled for too long? I waited over 2 yrs for surgery and it put alot of pressure on my other hip, which created a waddle and progressed where I could hardly walk. so this surgery is a blessing, but what do we do to find good PT? How do you know when they may have pushed the wrong way, too soon?

  11. Hi Carol,
    Did your PT person tell you that it stands for “Pain and Torture”? It does, you know.

    My PT lady couldn’t look at me when she was pulling and pushing on my leg since I have very intense facial expressions. She couldn’t stand the look of excruciating pain. lol. She even stopped talking to me during this time cuz my voice would crack and go a couple octaves higher. ๐Ÿ˜•

  12. I had a couple of great PT’s……they were young, upbeat, just like cheerleaders, they never said anything negative about my progress, just cheered me on every time I made a little headway. However, they didn’t hesitate to “hurt me” when they needed to! They just said “keep breathing”…..They were both very considerate of my feelings the first couple of weeks when I showed up in tears, b/c I had my surgery right before Thanksgiving and was out of commission during the whole holiday season (that depressed me).

    One of the main concerns was possible buildup of scar tissue b/c I am younger than most TKR patients, and needed to work very hard to make sure that didn’t happen.

    I have worked 3 days this week so far, and I am glad I still have pain pills this week. I am working every other day next week, and then back to my normal 40 hr week schedule the following week. I believe I am doing very well now, but that 3rd and 4th week…..I wasn’t so sure!

    I’ll be glad when this is just a distant memory!

  13. Oh, Carol, all that pushing and pain is what keeps the scar tissue from forming and increases your range of motion. I cried every time I went to PT (yes, it is called Pain and Torture) for weeks. I even had ultra sound at 3 months all to no avail. If you were doing well at home, it was because there was some residue from the pain meds that they put in the knee at the time of surgery in many patients. I was walking around the hospital with my walker with no pain then walking around the house with no pain until PT. I still have rofm problems and pain when I first ride on the stationary bike and I had surgery July 7. It can take a long time. One woman said she woke up one morning at about a year and the pain was gone. I look forward to the day when I have no pain too. Hang in there, find a rocking chair, do your exercises, and come back here often. You will find a good mentor in Marie.

  14. Thank you for the kind words, Charleen. ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. My advice for anyone returning to work is to be sure you get up and move around periodically. I had tkr in December 9 and went back to work this week. I’m working from home, which is great. But I found that getting up and walking a bit every half-hour is really important. If I don’t, I’m so stiff it feels like I won’t be able to walk.

  16. Hi everyone. Quick question: Does your doctor give you antibiotics before dental procedures like teeth cleaning, or does he/she feel it’s unnecessary?

    • I work for a dentist. It is totally necessary to take an antibiotic before any dental procedure, even a cleaning. Nasty bacteria can enter the bloodstream and they will seek out the tkr. The standard of care is now for the first 2 years after total joint replacement, but my os said he wants me to do that the rest of my life. I will do whatever he says, as I don’t want to have an infection in the prosthesis, EVER!

  17. I was told I would have to take antibiotics before any dental procedures……so, I’ll take no chances!

    About work……I stand all day (on a concrete floor), therefore I am having to sit periodically and bend my knee and massage it a bit, otherwise it gets very stiff from being in one position for too long. I also lean forward towards the counter I work at, and that forward lean seems to be very aggravating to my knee/leg.

    I try to walk as much as possible during the day to stretch my legs to avoid cramping…..and most days I come home for lunch and put an ice pack on my knee…..I have an ice pack at work too, in case I need it there.

  18. Hi jane,
    I wrote a blog post about that on this site. I need to take antibiotics for a two year period after my tkr.

  19. hi all,
    i was told to take antibiotics for 2 years after tkr. not only for dental procedures, but ladies, also for gyno procedures. i just had my yearly checkup and had to take 4 pills one hour before procedure. i also drink danactiv yogurt drink to boost your immunity better safe than sorry.

  20. I had an ASD (hole in the heart) repair as a child so have needed antibiotic cover since then and will continue to for rest of my life , its strange they say only for 2 yrs following tkr, the reason seems to be the same, I have a foreign body in my heart, the dacron patch used to close the hole and obviously with kr its a dirty great big chunk of metal and plastic so I would of thought that would need lifelong antibiotic cover also!

  21. Hi Ann,
    Thanks for your comment. I don’t know who you’ve been talking to….but total knee replacements are sterile…not in the least bit dirty.

  22. I don’t think Ann Heal meant “dirty” – only that the foreign body in the knee or hip can be a potential area of infection. It seems that our immune system can’t quite deal with something it doesn’t recognize and can’t deal with it by generating enough anti-bodies. I’m not sure I am using the correct terminology here.
    On another note – I think that people who complain about their TKR would tell us what they weigh. I am not minimizing their very real discomfort. But there is a direct correlation between knee pain and extra pounds carried by the joint.
    I too remember crying during manipulation and in the first year I had constant pain. At least a year and a half had gone by before I realized that I was pain free. Now I consider that I am about 90% “normal” – compared to before the TKR, when I was unable to walk 400 feet without having to stop because of the pain.
    I do still have pain after sitting in one spot or position too long, such as watching TV or being on an airplane, which latter is the worst. But it is still better than before the TKR. Hang in there folks- do your rehab,, accept the pain, work hard, lose some weigh and you’ll soon be reborn!

  23. I had knee surgery a month ago .They went in with scopes to scrap my knee and see how bad it was, came out told my husband i would have to have tnr.This little surgery is taking me forever to get better. I know i need it done but i just cant now, Im going to go as long as i can. Some people tell me its great and wonderful and others tell me how bad it hurts and never feels the same. i dont know what to do..

  24. prior to my replacement I had two arthroscopies on my left knee, the first eased the pain for about 15 mnths the second made the pain and mobility worse than ever and took longer to recover from than this replacement has. It has been painful but it is so nice to be able walk pain free again, and I have a bit more mobility in the knee than I had before the op. Incidentally I meant dirty great lump as in a hefty piece of foreign material, I realise the joint is sterile.

  25. I am 41. I am Having Total Knee replacement in 2 wks after 5 surgeries. I am actually scared to death. After seeing some of the comments, I am more nervous then ever. Is it really that bad.?.. Please someone give some good thoughts. I am really in pain now and want the surgery ,but I am worried about blood clots alot. And why have the surgery if its seems like alot of people are still in pain mths & mths after… Please Help just nervous I guess…..Thanks

    • every operation got a post operation pain……the TKR is one of the very big operation……relax …just folloing the doctor order and you will be ok …..every operation have a different reaction …in my case i don’t have much pain , but i can’t sleep much…………ciao ciao Jerome

  26. Hi Kim,
    What you’re feeling is natural, but if you’d read this blog in its entirety you will notice that tkr helps. It’s worth it.
    Good luck!

  27. Yes Kim…..it is only natural to be apprehensive…..and yes, all of us who have had the surgery have complained……some more than others (pointing finger at myself!)

    However….if you have already had 5 surgeries (I presume on this knee) then you know that you should have this done to enhance your own quality of life!

    Regarding the blood clots, you must follow the dr’s instructions and take the shots daily as directed, wear the lovely stockings, and take the aspirin until the dr. says you can stop. I was able to give up the stockings sometime in the 3rd week, I think, because I was up and walking so much. But do as your doctor says!

    My knee is 4 months old now and I’ve been back at work since Jan. 27…..and I am very pleased at how well I am doing now. I still have some swelling, the warmth, and annoying pain (esp at night)….but my huge ace bandage and all my assorted sizes of gel ice packs are my relief!

    I have been out a couple days working in my yard, but I go slow, work a while, rest a while and am careful not to overdo it……and am very mindful of where I step!

    So, basically, yes…there is pain after the TKR, but it’s a constructive, better pain and you know that you are healing…..as opposed to suffering in pain and not getting anywhere!

    Best of luck, and bookmark this site and come back and give us updates!


  28. Thank you all. I know it’s just better hereing it from others who went thru it. I love reading updates and hearing that people are up and around . I will be happy just to walk around the block with my kids. My dad died of a blood clot in his leg so i just that weighs on my mind alot. I will keeping cking in though. I go on April 3. Thanks again for your support I mean that.

  29. bhi kim
    i am 49 and 8mos post op tkr with having 4 previous surgeries on that knee. everything you read in the blogs is good advice and can be very helpful in getting through your tkr along with your doctors and pt people. i am susceptible to blood clots and i had no problem. but you follow the rules. everyone is different in what they have to do for that. but i will tell you one thing that not everyone will experience, except for us folks who have had previous surgeries on that knee. and that is that, our recuperation will be slower than most. but the end result will be the same and that is that your knee will feel much better than before. think positive , do what the doctors tell you and ask questions about anything that concerns you and don’t let up until you are satisfied with the answer. and you will be fine and ready to join the tkr club. we are here for you, so check in often and good luck on your surgery.

  30. Hi,

    I had a TRKR two weeks ago tomorow (3/9/2009) and have a lot of swelling and my knee area feels so stiff. It’s so hard to do the exercies, lifting the knee off the floor, bending, etc. How long will this swelling and stiffness last?

  31. Hi Joanne, you are still in the very early stage of your rehab…….you will have swelling and stiffness for several weeks to months…..it varies from person to person. I think a lot depends on your age, weight, degree of physical activity before your surgery….and your mental attitude afterward! It seems no two people are the same.

    Just be diligent with your exercises and know that physical therapy IS your friend and will help you more than you realize.

    Ice packs or frozen gel packs are essential for the swelling. Walking is good for the stiffness…..massage makes the quad muscles feel better.

    Check in here often and read Booktoots posts from last year, as she updated her progress, and you can kinda gauge where you are…..

    Keep the faith, because there is a light at the end of the tunnel!

    and my comments are just my opinion and experiences!

  32. Boy, am I glad I found this web site!! This is my 3rd operation (one uni and two tkr) on my knee and this time I have really been feeling depressed and thinking I should be back to normal (5 weeks post op)!! I feel just like a lazy bum as I have soooo many things I should be doing, but just don’t and wow, it does hurt!! It’s comforting to know I’m not the only one in this predicament!!!

  33. Debi,
    Thanks for your comment and kudos. ๐Ÿ™‚ Your advice is very helpful.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and ..you are not alone. Read through my blog and you will see that the tkr recuperation is a time-consuming and tiring one. It’s only natural to feel like a lazy bum. Only now you’re a bionic lazy bum (my attempt at a joke). Good luck, be diligent, and you’ll do fine.

  34. i just had my tkr on friday and oh boy when does the unbearble part of the pain go away ..i havent sleep since surgery looking for a light at the end please help …………….any good or ok way to get some sleep…………..wow i had no idea it would be this bad …please tell me the real real real hurting will go soon…………….

  35. Hi Kim,
    We all feel for you! The awful pain you are experiencing will go away, it just takes awhile. PT is worse. A long while. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    Sleeping? The first three months I slept on my back with my leg on a pillow. Not a solid night’s sleep in months….
    Keep posting your concerns here…I am confident others will encourage you.
    “We’re all in this together”

  36. Hang in there Kim…..and yes, we all feel for you, and wish we could make it better! My advice is, take the pain meds exactly when your bottle says, if it says every 4-6 hours……and you’re waiting 6 hours….and are suffering in pain, don’t wait! Take them every 4 hours if necessary to get you through.Like my husband said to me “Don’t try to be a hero and tough out the pain”……take the pills, use the ice packs, whatever it takes!

    Just sleep every chance you get during the day, and the nights won’t seem so bad…….It is, indeed, hard to find a comfortable sleeping position the first few weeks……months even, I’m just now getting to the point that I can sleep without wrapping my knee and using ice at night. Occasionally I will have a bad night, but overall, they’re pretty good now.

    Do the exercises faithfully, even though they are hard in the beginning, the more you stick with them, the easier they get and the stronger your quad muscles get…..try to walk as often as you can, even if it’s just across the room and back…every little bit helps.

    Please keep us posted, and keep your chin up! It’s very easy to fall into despair if you think you’re all alone! We’ve been there and now we’re here!

    I hope the weather is nice and sunny where you are, that helps a great deal…..

    Take care

  37. I give you all , all the credit in the world I thought I was strong but I don’t think I am strong enough…I just want to give up close my eyes and wish it away….Some of my friends dont understand they think ok you just had surgery its been a week get up…

  38. Hi Kim,
    You are strong enough. You’re going through the most difficult time period now. People who don’t go through a tkr do not understand all that it involves.
    Keep the faith in yourself, do your exercises diligently, and keep us posted. We’re here to help.

  39. hi it’s kim agaim i am 2 wks out this fri – i dont think i am doing well i really push it but cant get much bend strraight i can do . I start out pt th. tues looking forward to that . I had 1 ther in the hosp see me one time . I can only bend like 50 believe me i try every hour to fix this ..my husband is home with me but as much as he sleeps you would think he had the surg..sorry just feel im in this alone.but i will keep working and look forward to tues…thanks for letting me vent…kim

  40. Hello Kim, glad you are checking in! At 2 weeks, it took all my energy just to get dressed, and some days, I just didn’t unless I had to go somewhere!

    Are you using a CPM machine at home? It is really important to keep your leg moving as much as possible, don’t worry so much about getting the flex and the bend…..that will come in time, and your PT will help you with that. I found that if I stayed in one position for too long, it was difficult to move, so it’s good to get up every hour or so and walk across the room, just to keep everything moving.

    Stamina will come later down the road also…I remember being so tired after doing the simplest thing, like putting on my socks and shoes!!!

    Keep a rolled up newspaper handy to throw at your husband when he falls asleep!!!

    lol…just kidding!

    Hang in there!


  41. hey kim, sounds like your doing as well as expected, as we tkr veterans can tell from our experience. keep up the hard work in pt and it will come easier real soon. i am almost 9 months out tkr after having 4 prev surgeries too and almost forgot the earlier months. however, 2 weeks ago at my checkup i was told i need a revision to upgrade the liner. so i will be reminded of all the previous work i did not so long ago and go through it again. aaaahhhh!!! there will be no bone cuts so it shouldn’t be AS bad a recovery. but i am still not looking forward to it AT ALL. i will go in on 6/18, one month shy of the last surgery. talk about dae ja vu. i am going to a different hospital this time just to change it up a bit. haha. i wish you luck in your recovery. i know when you had prev surgeries its alittle rougher but if we can take all those surgeries we must be pretty tough. hang in there. and keep us posted. take care.

  42. i was wondering about recovery after different surgeies, I have had 3 in 2008 and 1 on 12-08 1 on 1-09 one and now this 3-3 ..i dont think i recovered from the last 3 in less then 3 mths,but he kept putting it off saying i was to young..haha now i feel i have lost 3mths of my life and now this recovery will be well i dont know……anyway i push hard everyday and will keep trying…….wow sorry to hear about your set back i hope everything works out for you..im glad there are peoplle out there who get it (tkr) ..thanks for all your words..good luck and i hope for a good out come for you ..kim

  43. wow, what kind of surgeries were they. if they were on your knee i am assuming. usually they wait for healing. that is why i had to wait 9mos to correct this problem. i have learned so much about the knee anatomy and mechanics because of these surgeries it is really interesting how everyone is so different. we are young going through it, i can’t imagine being older doing this, god bless those people. but they survive it and we can too. until these surgeons get it right!! i think that i have lost the last 5 years because of always having to recoup from a knee surgery. so i know what you mean. but my quality of life for the future is more important to me now. so keep up the hard work so it will pay off for your future too. keep in touch. sharon from pa

  44. 2 prior to 08 then Well he did a scope in dec 08 then another 1-14-09 because he said yeah while i was there i thought i should have taken the minus out it was breaking off getting stuck, then when in there he release the right side tendion cut it off completely. Now with this i am bending and its stiff no pain on the outside but the inside of my knee cap actually is painfull when i bend i dont know if its just needs to be stretched or what , makes me nervouse other then the inside i believe i could really push and make it bend well…anyone had that problem…Good luck to all on your recoveries, you are very strong people..any insight on the inner knee would be appreciated………..

    • Good luck to you, Kim and thanks for the kudos.

      I am unable to help you on this one, though, since I haven’t gone through it. Hopefully, some other readers here will help you. Keep the faith!

  45. Hello All – My mother had TKR yesterday –
    she is 71 years old and has Parkinson’s = It has been a shock to her body- Does any one have a list or resource site for tips for healing?? we are going to need all the help we can to support her – Thank you and blessings to you all on your road to strength and being pain free –

  46. Wow, what a good site! thanks to all for your insight on these TKRs.
    I am 9 months post op and doing very well when I hear some of your stories. One thing that struck me though was waiting 2 weeks to start PT. Mine was started three days after surgery, in the hospital where I was in rehab for 2 weeks post op. Rest and PT 3 times a day and the famous “Octopus Ice machine” (which I loved ) have obviously helped me a lot. I am 56 and overweight.
    I have some muscle damage which has been treated with silcone and antiinflammatory injections and I must admit that I feel better than some of your experiences have indicated. Stairs are my only real problem. On good days I can walk up almost normally, but downstairs is almost impossible and very slow. I avoid them at all costs.
    To brag, I walked out of the hospital at two weeks post operation and had given away any walkign aids several days before. I had over 90 degrees bend, and still do, easily. I don’t do any particular excersie, but keep myself busy with 5 grandkids, a husband a lovely home and lots of friends. Living in an “Over 55’s resort” with understanding neibours is a great help.
    I think maybe the answer is earlier PT intervention before stiffness sets in, then not so much as the healing begins in earnest, just keep active in normal activites and break up your daywith movement and rest.
    I hope this helps restore faith, in those still healing, and those who have to make the decision to undergo surgery. My non professional advice is talk to the doctors and ask for early PT.
    With those suffering depression, I did. BIG TIME! After crying for 3 -4 weeks at every little thing, I discovered that the pain meds (oxycontin) was doing it to me! I stopped them and took some panadeine forte with a prescription from the doctor and was restored to normalcy quickly. Depression is something I never understood until now! I even moved my mother into a nursing home, because Ithought I ws going to die!
    Get help, ask questions, do your PT early and then let the healing happen! Don’t push it for too long.

  47. Thanks to everyone who posted. All the comments have been very helpful. I am 4 weeks out of surgery and feeling very depressed. Today was the first day that I actually cried from frustration. I guess I was expecting to be like Brenda who posted before. I thought I would be walking unaided or at least with a cane in 2 weeks. The truth is, at 4 weeks, I am only at 94 and I can not get the back side of my knee to lay flat on the bed. It also seems (its hard to tell with all the swelling) that the leg with the tkr is longer and I might have a more pronounced permanent limp. After reading all the posts, I now feel it can get better with time. Next week will be my last week of in-home pt and I will have to go to the facility. Hopefully, that will help speed up the process.

    • Frustration and depression are just a few of the side effects of the TKR…..I had moments when I cried, wondering WHY I did this, and apologizing to my husband for causing so much upheaval in our normally boring life!

      I kept on trucking along and it got better by the week. Never measured progress by the day….only by the week!


  48. hey frances,
    don’t worry about any of those things. you actually are doing pretty well. those other people are the exception. i am just 4wks out yesterday and just hit 109 barely. i am not straight yet either, but it truly is do to all the swelling. as that goes down so will the knee. i am just on the cane about a week. and i just finished my at home pt. next tues is my first check up and will probalby go to outpatient pt. then the fun begins. and also the progress. so don’t worry too much it will all come together for you in due time and on YOUR KNEES time. never compare to anyone else, because no two knees are the same, not even your own. hang in there, keep us posted, and you and i will be on our way to painfree knee before you know it. take care and good luck. sharon

  49. Thank you TKR bloggers – I was so lucky to get the “vibe” to go on this site today, you have reassured and inspired me, all of you brave souls out there!
    I’m 52, 5’4″, 170 lbs and going through my 4th operation and 2nd replacement on this knee. The first replacement was so easy compared to this one. This one is so much harder, so different, I was really caught off-guard. But omigosh, how nice is it to find out you’re not the only one having a tough time! My surgeon told me 4-6 weeks, I’m at 8 weeks, only getting the knee to 95 degrees, it swells the moment I’m up. I’m so tired all the time and if I didn’t have my pain killers I don’t know what I’d do. I was so depressed this morning and then I read all of your comments. Now I realize how really normal this long recovery is and to hang in there – I will get better but this time it might take months instead of weeks. So I’m going to try to relax about it and I will say this…I’ve had both experiences, good and bad. If you need the surgery, get it, don’t wait. You have to get your life back and that’s what I’m fighting for right now. I don’t care if it takes me a year, I’m going to get over this!!!! I’m just going to take it as it comes, have my “pity party” for myself when I need to, relax about not being at work, and never be late with those pain killers (ha). And tonight, before I lay myself down, I’m going to give thanks and wish all of you speedy recoveries too. You all made the difference in my recovery today – just by letting me know I’m not alone. Bless you. Laura

    • I posted a few minutes ago in answer to one blogger and then I began to read more comments. Thank you all so much for being there. I’m just 4 weeks after surgery. I think because this is elective surgery and most people tell you stuff like “Oh – I was doing back flips after 3 weeks” – that it’s easy to become discouraged.

      I spent a lot of time on that old 12-step “pitty potty” because I have never been immobile and am used to controlling everything. I find myself slowed down even a little bit is doing a real number on me. I will bookmark this blog and come back when I’m feeling low (which is frequently). Bless you too Laura. I think we’re gonna do this thing….. please God.

  50. Hi Laura,
    I love your comment about the pain killers. lol. Nothing worked with me (outpatient, that is). I’m glad to see you receive some relief.
    Also, thanks for the kudos on my blog. We all pitch in here as we can. Glad to see it’s helping you. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Hang in there, good luck and keep in touch!

  51. Hi all my TKR friends out there. It is 8 months and counting. I am still having difficulty walking and getting around at times but it does get better. Keep moving that knee daily. I find that the exercises have helped me more than anything. It’s a long long process and some people it takes two years to say, “Yeah, I feel almost normal”. Take care and thanks for everyones words of encouragement. This web-site is a God sent. Love to you all and God Bless!

    • The hardest thing for me (4 weeks post-op) is gaining ground one day and losing ground the next. I actually get angry. Today I decided that when I start to get depressed I will try get busy doing something. I edit and design a website for legendary actress Maureen O’Hara (have done so for the last 15 years) “Maureen O’Hara Magazine.” and when I call her and tell her how depressed I am she tells me to buck-up and get busy with my exercises. She is one tough cookie and is good to have in my corner. After battling breast and uterine cancer herself, she gives me some good pep talks.

      I did obtain a copy of my surgical report and if one reads that and actually realize what they did to you to fix that knee – you also realize how drastic the surgery is and what you’ve been through. Cuts me a little slack there. LOL

  52. hey laura
    thanks for the recent blog and showing the great attitude we are all struggling with to keep day after day. this is a great website and can really help on those days when you feel all alone in our recoveries. i feel in reading your journey just now that it could be quite possible that our knees could be twins. haha what with all the surgeries and revisons we are going through at our young age. some knees can be really stubborn. but we will get them back in shape again in no time. keep us posted on your progress. i start outpatient pt next week and can go in the pool as of today so hopefully i will be feeling a ray of hope real soon. take care and god bless you too

  53. I have just found this site and it has cheered me up a little, I am approaching six weeks post op, but cannot walk as well as the first day after my TKR. I have 110 bend and can fully straighten it, the swelling which was horrible has largely subsided, my problem is that if I walk with even the slightest bend in the knee it launches me forward, after a fall (no damage done) last week I have lost confidence in the knee. Presumably this is muscle weakness – any ideas on a an exercise for this problem. I am seeing a new PT tomorrow – hopefully he may come up with some ideas because I am getting very frustrated anddepressed.

  54. Bill…I am just over 8 weeks out and at only 113 ROM. I am back at work full time…working in a school. So, i do alot of walking. I find if I walk slowly I can walk with a fairly normal gait. At home, when I can I ride our exercise bike to keep the knee moving and I do alot of wall slides, quad sets and even some quad sets with weights. I also do lots of lunges often just to keep the knee limber. My PT has been terrific! Hope you find some help and inspiration with a new PT.

    • I’m at 9 months and still at 110 degrees, same as when I left PT at the end of January……I don’t think it’s getting better….but, I can work and that’s the important thing for me!

  55. I have had two hamstring pulls, since surgery eight weeks ago. anyone else?

  56. I am 3 and 1/2 months out of surgery for TKR of my right knee. I am getting more and more frustrated with my slow progress. I seem to take one step forward and wake up the next day to find myself 2 steps back. I am experiencing very bad lower back pain on the surgery side when I walk. My OS explained that I have been walking ‘wrong’ for years and my body is adjusting to walking right. I am trying hard to stay focused and not get depressed, but it’s hard. Reading what others are going through is helping me a lot.

    • Yes, they made me learn to walk properly….I had always walked “like a duck”…..so they made me point my toes straight ahead….I had to really work at that, and sometimes I catch myself slipping back into the old habits!

      It does take time……and your patience will wear then….just trust us when we say it will eventually get better! Don’t gauge your progress by the day, use a week…….then later it will be a month. You’ll be surprised when you can say, “last month I couldn’t do this”……

  57. Hey all, I am almost 4 months out of a tkr revision, 11 months after the oringinal surgery. For clunking, rachetting, instability, pain. My os put in a larger bearing and a new knee cap. It is no better at all, and I just told him at my 3 month checkup. He is frustrated by this, as I am and said to wait out another 3 months to see if any changes. there won’t be and he knows it, because this is dejavue all over. but interesting enough I find out a few days after the appt. that the Otismed company that made my customfit knee has be asked by the FDA to halt the production of the knee to all surgeons until further notice. I think my os should have heard this before me, but did not tell me. I am not a happy almost 50 year old, that just went through a tkr and a revision in under a year and we are no where near functionable. Has anyone heard about this? Let me know. Mean while I am patient and waiting it out, but not happy.

  58. I had tkr in November. So I am almost at my 1 year anniversary. Over the last few months I have noticed a clicking sensation. It almost feels like I need a shot of WD 40. Pain and swelling are terrible still. This is the worst thing I have ever done. I’m 58 years and I have not had one good day since I did this.

  59. I am so glad I found this site. I had a TKR 9 weeks ago on my left knee. It still feels stiff and there is some pain. I’ve been going to PT for about 4 weeks and doing alright. I had a hip replacement, same side, 3 months prior to the knee surgery so I’ve been having some hip/groin pain which is getting in the way of some of the exercises for the knee. Nights are hard and mornings are murder getting out of bed after having your knee in one position all night. I had a partial knee on my other knee 3 years ago but I recovered within 9 weeks and went back to work. With the total knee, I am not feeling as good. I dread waking up each morning and yes, I’ve been depressed. I am 49, I was let go from my job due to these surgeries being months apart from each other, but am able to collect disability and unemployment.

    I do get impatient because I want to walk again w/o pain and sit and stand w/o pain or stiffness. Steps are murder and I do have to strengthen my quads because I feel like my knee is going to “give out” if I try to walk at a normal pace or just walk normal.

    I suppose this surgery was needed, but recovery is long but I am glad I am not alone and do realize now that every patient recovers at a different pace.

    • Hello and welcome Vicki!

      You will find lots of helpful hints here and lots of moral support…..I am at one year on 11/18……so I can look back now…..not with fondness, but with a sort of satisfaction that I made it through!

      Check back often….Booktoots is a great cheerleader!


    • Vicki, I’m with you on all counts. Feel so down and depressed and the slow progress, or lack of it, as right now I feel like I have regressed. Feels like a tight band of hard stuff around my knee esp the front, so how can I get knee to bend with that going on. I hate to whine, and am staying with my sister who is doing everything she can for me, but I know she’s on her last legs as far as moral support, as she is a stoic right through! I tried massaging my knee but to no avail, and feel like crying all the time.

  60. Dear Debi:

    Thank you for your reply. I will check back often to see how everyone else is doing. This site literally saved me and uplifted my spirits. I know this will take time and we’ve been through a lot and we survived it. It has to get better. I will take things one day at a time. Vicki

  61. Hi Everyone, so glad to come across this blog as I have been feeling that something is wrong with me. I am three weeks post op and the bad pain at the beginning is gone, just aching, throbbing, taking Tramadol every 8 hrs still and Panadol. Leg only bending 65 degrees, and not straightening yet. Doing exercies twice a day, and alternating between walker and one or two crutches. Sleeping at night is sporadic as pain wakes me up. My knee is so hard esp on the right of the scar, been massaging, but not easing up. Maybe I’m doing too much PT but wonder just when my leg will feel normal as anytime I sit for any length of time it just seizes up.

  62. @ Vicki. Thanks for the kudos. I’m glad my blog has helped you. One day at a time is the definite motto for us tkr folk. Hang in there and stay in touch. Good luck!

    @Kavico. Thanks for the kudos, also. There’s nothing wrong with you. It’s been almost two years since my tkr and my knee is stiff after sitting for a while (about 20 minutes). It doesn’t sound like you’re doing too much pt to me. You’re doing the amount I was doing. It’s hard work, but worth it. Good luck to you, too!

    Stay in touch and keep us posted about your progress. ๐Ÿ™‚

  63. Hi Booktoots et al:

    What do others say about the hard areas around knee cap, esp on the right hand side of the incision site. I’ve tried massage over and over, but it’s not budging and that is stopping my knee from bending any further. Right now sitting at computer with leg bent, but talk about hurting me. Owwww. When I get up it will be hobble until I walk it out.

  64. Hello All,

    Boy, I’m so glad I found this site. All of you are in this along side myself. I am post op 10 1/2 weeks I suppose and doing PT twice a week but it will stop soon due to insurance regulations. I will be getting an exercise bike soon and those large balls you use in PT, the big ones you sit on? My therapist makes me put that thing behind my back as I stand at a wall and I slide down using the ball as support behind me. It’s good for strenghthening the quad muscles. My problem is I have little strength above my knee and since I had hip replacement in late May, my hip is also weak; so when I try to walk normal bending my knee, it feels like I’m going to fall. Forget going up and down steps, though I need to practice that as well.

    Yes, the knee is still stiff especially walking. I do have good range though, 125 degrees but its stiff and it hurts and after sitting more than 15 or 20 minutes, boy getting up is tough. I have to get up slowly and I walk carefully to try to bend the knee to walk. It’s really been tough. My other knee (with the partial knee) is bothering me now most likely because I depend on That knee for the extra support. I avoid going out places where there’s a lot of people or a lot walking and I Always take my cane so people walk around me or people realize I can’t walk as fast as them because if I try to keep up, my feels like its going to buckle under me or I feel or have tripped, so its scary. In the house, I don’t use my cane though.

    I’m still out of work still collecting disability checks but it will run out soon and then I can apply for unemployment. I am hoping and praying I will feel “secure and confident” enough by mid December/January to get back to work 8 hours a day. I miss the interaction with people and having a purpose to get up each day other than taking care of my house and family.

    Anyway, I’m going to get up now and yes, my knee hurts and its stiff and I dread getting up. For me, my hip starts hurting also after sitting for too long. It’s so depressing, yes, and I miss being able to just run out of the house and do my errands w/o a cane or fear of tripping of falling. I pray that day will come. I feel trapped here and my freedom has been taken away from me. It’s just been a nightmare for me.

  65. Hi All: Surgeons visit today – he said I am where I should be, and all is ok, despite my worrying about not being able to bend at 90 to 100 like some of you out there at same stage as me. My question is how on earth do you do it? I mean bend. My knee refused to go past a certain point, and I am still not straight. Still on Tramadol every 8 hrs and Panadol in between, this has been an operation from hell, and no way am I going to have the other knee done now, I am prone to depression, and feel weepy all the time. we who go thru this op have to know one thing, – that we are strong. Good wishes to all out there in recuperation mode!

    • I felt the same way, but as I said in other entries the excercise I swear by is the rocking chair and the step stretch. Once you stretch those muscles out the knee can bend. the rocking chair is just sit in it normally as possibly and rock back and forth going alittle further each time. The step just start out with a small step, I took my walker for stability and put in on my step going into my family room and just put my leg up on it and pushed forward gently rocking alittle more each time with no bouncing.. You can do this on your stairway and hold onto the walls or railing to balance. You get the idea. It is basically like the rocker idea. I swear it works, I amazed my pt guy how limber i was to do the rest of the excercises. If you use a heating pad on the knee prior to excercises it helps to stretch easier. Well there you go try those out and when you start to make more progress on a daily basis, and you will, the weepy’s will go away and the smiles will appear. You are strong already because you had the surgery, so stay strong, be happy, better days ahead. We promise. take care keep us posted.

  66. Hi Kavico,
    I swear by the stationary exercise bike for increasing flexibility. Just don’t do it alone when you first start out. Have someone with you. You’ll never look at a bike the same way again once you start using it in recuperating mode.
    Good luck and keep in touch!

  67. Hello everyone,

    I’m 13 weeks post op total knee now. Just got back from my surgeon’s office and he is a bit disappointed that my leg is not very strong at this point. He want me to do strenghthening exercises for the quads though I told him I have groin pain which prevents me from doing leg straights and weight bearing lifting exercises but he said I should start with a 5 lb strap on weight around the ankles and start some leg lifts and lay on my side and lift my entire leg up and down and he reinforced the exercise bike.

    So, yes, it does get better as the weeks go by, but that tightening band around the front of your knee, I still have and the surgeon says its normal. He wants to limit my pain medication to one pill a day (i’m taking Darvaset). It just takes the edge off the pain. It is very depressing and walking in public in a crowd scares me because I can’t walk fast like everyone else. Steps are a major challenge so I avoid them at the moment.

    I know I have to get back to work eventually, but at this point, I can’t see holding a 40 hour a week job again and trying to be active each day and not worry about tripping or not walking correctly. So, that is where I am. I commend all of us here for what we have gone through; some recovering faster than others. Each person has their own medical history to consider when evaluating their own recovery time. I understand that but it doesn’t make the depression go away and the feeling of being trapped in my own home and not being able to go to the Mall or take a nice walk . Again, I know things take time and people in “the know” have told me it could take up to a year for the pain to go away in the knee. So, we should all try to think positive and get through this.

  68. I’m now at 5 weeks and managed to get my bend to 90 on Thursday at the physio. Doing my PT at home diligently, and went out with my sister to the grocery today with my stick and managed to walk around a bit. I’m just scared someone will knock into me, and down I will go!
    We all do improve in our own time, and all you can do is follow the PT’s and doc’s instructions and try hard.

    Still have a lot of pain and stiffness and that band around the knee feeling, and particularly at the front of the knee, but keep massaging with cocoa butter.

    Yes, you do get down, and worry about going back to work, but one day you will look back at this and be proud of getting through it. Good luck to everyone!

  69. I am 9 weeks post op from left TKR. Does anyone else have stinging, burning, stabbing pain on the inside of the leg (from thigh to below the knee). The doc thinks it is nerve pain and started me on lyrica. I have good motion and can straighten my knee, but thia pain is so awful. It is worse after sitting or being on it walking, etc. Better after laying in bed at night. I had to take another week off work. Any advice? I love this site. It helped me so much to know that I am not alone.

  70. I’m at 5 and a half weeks now and my bend is 95 but straighten only 5. That’s the hardest thing, and still making faces while I exercise.

    I’m pleased that I am finally seeing progress although in the night the pain wakes me up at least twice, and I have to pop some pain killers. When I wake up I have six pillows all over the place from various attempts to get comfy during my sleep!

    At the physio on yesterday I managed to pedal forwards and backwards – talk about thrilled. These little improvements are what I live for right now!

  71. I’m 83 & 230#. I had a tkr 9 weeks ago & have had few problems and moderate pain. I took Loritabs (7.5/500) every 4-6 hrs for several weeks tapering down to 4/5 a day later and now I only take one before bedtime. I have resisted aggressive PT (3 x/ wk) that causes any pain at all, and do simple daily exercises on my own. I have 110*bend. I don’t work or do extensive walking. My suspicion is that many rush their rehab and incur needless pain. My hope is to do the other knee when my new one is capable of giving me good support.
    Maybe my experience is not typical, but not everyone has a really painful aftermath. I was of course fortunate in that I had no need to rush back to work.

  72. Hello everyone. I had TKR over a year ago (Dec 2008). About 6 months after the surgery (May 2009) my knee felt really good except I had a hard time going down stairs – it felt weird, so I would only go down stairs one foot at a time, bending only my good knee. In June I decided to tough it up and go down stairs normally, thinking the weird feeling would go away. I tried it for a couple weeks but had to stop because my knee swelled up, the baker’s cyst got huge, and it basically started feeling like it did a month after the surgery. It’s 6 months later and it still feels bad. I went back to the doctor. He put me on celebrex which has done nothing. Has anyone else gone through anything like this? Are stairs an issue?

    • Hi, Jane. I’m only 8 months out, but I thought I would be doing stairs by now — and I’m not! I’m not sorry that I had the TKR, because I can definitely walk with less pain, but I can’t do a step or curb w/o holding on to something — thus I always park handicapped. My feeling is that I still have to strengthen the thigh muscles even more —- because the other knee is also bad (will have TKR in May). I still go down basement stairs backwards, and holding on to banister. Like you, I read about all the people who were walking miles and running up and down stairs in no time — but I have also read of many who have had a much slower recovery, so I guess I’m in that group.
      I still don’t have good balance. I also thought I would be walking, thus losing some weight and strengthening the leg —- but that’s still not comfortable except for a short walk. So, I guess some of us just don’t recover as quickly as others. Everyone says “hang in there”……so that’s what I will do. Good luck to both of us!!!!

  73. hai want know exercise for tkr for long live .because frusting because my knee give lot problem. cannot bend straight .sleeping my leg alawys go round,my leg weight high.walking limp..kneel pain .

  74. Today I celebrate one month following my surgery and I am really pretty discouraged. I had my left knee done sixteen months ago and was a model patient. No problems–I just breezed through the TKR and in four weeks I was driving. It was classic by the book. Well, a month ago I had the right knee replaced and have been struggling ever since. I do not do well on pain medicine…makes me very spacy and emotional. So took it only when I was desperate and before PT. PT started out pretty good but they didn’t seem to feel that I was bending my knee the way that I should. So the arranged for me to have one of the Continual Motion Machine the third week. They demonstrated the operation on a Monday afternoon and I was on for about a half an hour. The plan was to then use it at home for four hours every day. Well on Monday evening at the house my husband attempted to get me moving in the machine….it was a disaster! I screamed like I was giving birth to a baby. I think the afternoon use had irritated and inflammed all my nerves and muscles. It was a real set back….terrible! No one realized just how mucn it was going to affect my muscles. So I went back a week in progress following that episode. This past weekend (my third), I did great—went to church twice and out to dinner. Legs stiff from sitting so long but much better. Then on Monday back to PT for deep massage on the muscles which has given me great pain and stiffened up my legs. Too much for my body. I am hobbling like an old lady. I also had extreme tiredness that wiped me out…It was all I could do to walk across the room to get to the bed. Sleeping at night on my back (!) is not conducive to slumber. When the tiredness would hit me, I would also become depressed and want to cry.. I had PT today (Tuesday) but she only put on ice to try to bring down Monday’s swelling. I am taking off Wednesday and Thursday to see if my knee gets better. I believe that the massage she is doing is too violent for my irritated muscles and is making them worse. I am discouraged thinking back to the last knee and how well I did. But reading the comments I think I am probably abot where most of you are in your TKR adventure. It’s good to know that I am not going through this alone, but there are others who are struggling. My poor husband is struggling and I am longing for our life to get back to norma.. My frieids really believe that I should be well by now….and so do I.
    This is sort of like having a baby. You experience the pain and say you are never going to have a baby again. And th a year later you are back in the maternity ward. So this is my month (4 week) report of having bruised and swolled knee and muscles and pain. Not comfortable to sit in restaurant charis. But glad to know that I am not alone. How great that we can encourage one another. Blessings!

  75. today i feel very sad some my friend say to me.how can you TKR knee this is age.but they dont how i feel very pain in knee they don/t ithe risk on life

    • Hi Rose,
      At the stage you are going through, it got to the point where I would not discuss my tkr with others who had not been through it. I would hear the same things you are. The loneliness I felt is, actually, why I started writing about my tkr on this blog. I felt no one understood. I was wrong, there are many others going through the same thing.
      Keep your chin up and be proud of yourself. You have endured something others cannot imagine.
      Good luck!!

  76. My surgery was 11 months ago yesterday!!! My new knee is great, but NOT what I expected. By referring to this blog, I have learned that we all heal at a different pace, that our doctors don’t tell us everything, and that improvement really does come at a slow pace. I’m 74, and so I suffered for many years before giving in to the surgery. I can walk w/o pain now, but I don’t feel totally secure, partly because my left knee needs to be replaced as well. However, I don’t want to do it until my right leg feels strong enough to bear the brunt. I still can’t do stairs or curb w/o holding on to something. I cannot stress enough — GO DOWN THE STAIRS BACKWARDS, HOLDING ON. There is no pain, and less chance of falling. I still have pain in the knee at night –sure, I can live with it, but hope that it will disappear in time. Also lower back pain, and some “pulling” in the groin area — I believe that it comes from walking with a different gait after many years of over-compensating. There are many things to overcome, but I do not regret for a minute that I had the TKR. Use this blog as your support — NO ONE understands w/o having had the experience.

  77. I wrote a month ago on my one month anniversary of my tkr. And I am now ready to celebrate my two month anniversary and things have greatly improved since my last pos to this blog. Two days after I wrote on March 23rd, my husband had a serious heart event and had a difibrillator implanted. At the time it happened, I was still using a cane most of the time and had great difficulty sitting in a straight chair with my leg bent. At five weeks I was really just beginning to come out of the pain and was seeing light at the end of the tunnel. At the hospital I had no choice but to sit for 12 hours a day in a straight chair. It’s amazing what you can do when you have to do it. The morning of my husband’s surgery I had a special appointment with the surgeon because of the swelling and muscle problems I was having in my leg. He told me that considering all I had been through that I wasn’t doing badly, but that I should discontinue the PT because it was causing so much inflamation. The doctor asked if I had driven yet. I almost laughed when he asked as I hadn’t even thought about driving. Anyway, I got back to the hospital and my husband had just been told that he couldn’t drive for six months. To make a long story short, that night I had to begin driving. Made my first trip to the grocery store in five weeks. And from that point on I have been driving, doing everything around the house, taking care of my husband. When I had no choice, I found that my body rose to the occasion. Now at two months, I am functioning amazingly well. Doing stairs normally, doing ALL of the driving everywhere, and even walking the dog in the park. All this to say that a lot had to do with a change of my attitude towards my problem. When I had to focus on my husband’s problem, I had no choice but to make a fast recovery. Knee is still somewhat stiff, muscles still sore, but up and around and going strong. I still know that I have a new knee and that my recovery is not complete, but I definitely am CELEBRATING my two month anniversary. Once I said to myself, I am well and I can do this, I found that I could do it. It is my prayer that this update will encourage others. If you met me today, you probably would never guess it has just been two months since my tkr. I know because I still have the aches and pains, but I’ve come a long way!

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