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New York Rangers Gave It Their All

Last night had the New York Rangers losing to the Washington Capitols in Game 7 of the 2009 Stanley Cup Finals. It was a great game. In fact, it was a great series.

One of the most entertaining parts of the game was seeing Federov score the winning goal and have Ovechkin jump onto his back while he was skating away from the net. lol.

It is always sad to see the expressions and slouched postures of the losing team. It was awful seeing Henrik Lundqvist (NYR goalie) being interviewed after the lost.

Anyways, Washington Capitols advance to the Semifinals.


Where’s Don LaGreca on NHL Live!?

I’m curious as to what has happened with Don LaGreca, the foundation of the NHL Network’s NHL Live! show which is also broadcast on XM/Sirius Radio. Is he on vacation? I am hoping he is. No one on the show has said anything, that I have heard.

I know that when the season started there was mention about LaGreca doing radio commentary for the New York Rangers. So, when he first was absent from the show (about 1.5 weeks ago), I thought it was due to that fact since the Rangers were in the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

However, the Rangers were kicked out of the Playoffs last night by the Washington Capitols. And, LaGreca was not on NHL Live! today.

Rob Simpson has been filling in for LaGreca for the time being. Nothing against Simpson, but I prefer good old LaGreca. Plus, LaGreca has a good radio voice. An excellent radio voice, actually.

The NHL Live! show is not the same without Don LaGreca. That’s what I said when EJ Hradek first started being absent from the show. I miss the banter of E.J. Hradek and Don Lagreca on NHL Live!

Chicago Blackhawks Advance to SemiFinals

Congrats are also in order to the Chicago Blackhawks for advancing to the next level of the 2009 Stanley Cup Finals. They beat the Calgary Flames to reach the semifinals.

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again. It’s just too cool to see the Blackhawks doing so well after all of these years. If they keep advancing skill-wise as they have been, I give them about five years to bring Stanley home.

Remember, Scotty Bowman is in the Chicago Blackhawks’ administration now. Stanley follows him around. 🙂

Go Hawks! (Until you meet the Wings)

Golf Season Starts for San Jose Sharks

What a series! Last night, though, the San Jose Sharks just didn’t have what it takes to beat the Anaheim Ducks. The game started with a fight between Joe Thornton and Ryan Getzlaf in the faceoff circle. 🙂

Even though I wanted San Jose to win (I like watching their finesse), I am also happy that Anaheim beat them. Contradictory, yes. I actually didn’t want either team to win, but someone had to do it. 😕

Now…onwards to the next level of the Stanley Cup Playoffs of 2009. Anaheim (eighth seed) will play Detroit (second seed). Oh oh.

Memories from the past are flooding my mind. Not good. There was this Playoff series whereby a goalie for Anaheim by the name of Giguerre had me sitting up, yelling at the television screen….”Who is that guy?” “Where’d that guy come from?” “What the hey?” He fended off 60 shots on goal by the Wings. And….Anaheim knocked Detroit out of the Playoffs. 😦

The past does not make the present. The past does not make the present. Repeat…

Adding Some Fun To Exercising

Riding my upright bike during my tkr recuperation process is just not fun. I like seeing how I improve, but it still takes a few pedaling rounds to get to the point of where I can move at a decent speed. It’s all part of the process, though. I’m grateful to have my bike since it provides such a good tkr exercise. I found a way to make it all a little more fun, however….

Add a rubber duck head to the hand bars. Whenever the pain is to the point of needing to be verbalized, simply squeeze the duck and it will let out a sound that will cover up the verbage. 🙂

NOTE: This can only be done, though, when you’ve reached a point in your tkr recuperation that you’re not holding on for dear life to the handlebars. Even though I don’t pedal at lightning speed like a fiend, I have reached the point of being able to hold on with one hand while squeezing the duck with the other.

When the pain is not that bad, I simply squeeze the duck’s nose. It gives off a softened “quack!” much like the sound made by a rubber duck toy. When the pain is more intense, though…the big guns are brought in. That deserves a head squeeze which gives off a full fledge, much louder “QUACK!”

For safety reasons, my rubber duck head is wearing a helmet.

Whatever it takes.

P.S. No killing of ducks was done to make this rubber duck head alarm. 🙂

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Fresh Off The Press – My E-Book!

Hi everyone,
After having received requests for a pre-op tkr book, I just completed one. It’s in PDF form and is 30 pages. It’s an electronic book, or what is popularly known as an “ebook”. 🙂

It’s a helpful book that I wish I would have had when I knew I’d be having my total knee replacement. What’s so nice about it is the fact that it contains “insider’s secrets” to properly preparing for a tkr surgery. It’s stuff that’s not mentioned in the literature I was given by my doctor’s office. And, seeing that I went through the process TWICE for the same surgery, I consider myself an expert who can help others. 🙂

I’m still learning about all the ways to use WordPress, but for the time being, I have added a page specifically for this e-book. And, the e-book can be purchased via PayPal. 🙂 (I like Paypal since its so convenient and easy to use. Plus, it’s secure).

Still in the process of how best to word the marketing portion of selling the book without sounding too pushy or obnoxious. 😕

Helping Spread the Music

After recently writing a post about music and playing an instrument, I received an email from one of my favorite readers. She was very modestly telling me how she also is a musician and wanted to spread the news about her website.

Well, after checking out her site and listening to her sing while playing the piano, she is understating how good she is. Plus, her website is very impressive!

So…if you’re in the mood for some good musical entertainment and have a few moments to spare, I’m passing along her website address for you to visit. I thought it would be fun to share with my other readers.