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De-Stressing Your Home & A TKR

Having a comfortable place to live is important for everyone, especially those recuperating from a total knee replacement. Here is an article I found on Dr. Andrew’s Weil website (http://www.drweil.com) that I found interesting and wanted to share. Enjoy!


6 Ways to De-Stress Your Home

Your home – whether big, small, or somewhere in between – should be your sanctuary, a place where stress is left at the door and your soul is nurtured. For a more comforting environment, gradually implement the following changes into your home:

  1. Bring the outdoors in. Green plants, cut flowers and blooming bulbs, or pieces of wood, rocks and other organic elements can create a feeling of nature indoors.

  2. Paint a room to suggest a mood. For instance, blue and green promote a relaxed feeling and may be good choices for the bedroom, while warm colors (maroon, coral, burgundy) suggest a cozy environment and may be inviting in a family room.

  3. Surround your senses with beauty. Artwork, fragrance, smooth textures and calming sounds all provide a pleasant environment in which to relax.

  4. Set aside a room or area for peace and calm. A place for spiritual reflection and meditation can provide shelter from noise and distraction.

  5. Clean out clutter. A low-maintenance home is refreshing after a day of hectic meetings, errands and chores. Fewer items can mean less frustration.

  6. Create an atmosphere of love. Display handmade or meaningful gifts from loved ones and photos of family and friends.


Recap of Today’s Hockey Chics blogtalkradio show

Today’s Internet talk show, Hockey Chics’ “Big Hair Hockey” went really well.  Besides some technical difficulties at the beginning, the show went without a hitch. I was talking about my beloved Red Wings.

The topic was the Detroit Red Wings in the 2009 Stanley Cup Finals.  It was just fun talking about the Detroit Red Wings and stats about how they’re doing.

I gave a prediction of the Wings taking the series in 6, but hoping it was 5 since Game 5 is in Detroit.  Game 6 is in Pittsburgh.

My thanks to Ailyn of  Hockey Chics for asking me to participate.  🙂

You can hear the discussion by clicking on the following link:


Detroit Red Wings Lead Series 2-0

The Detroit Red Wings are up 2-0  in the 2009 Stanley Cup Finals.  In Game 2 of this best of seven series, the Wings beat the Pittsburgh Penguins 3-1 on home ice.  The game was at Joe Louis Arena (“The Joe”)  in Detroit. The game was broadcast on NBC and the announcers did a great job.  🙂

Goal tending:  Osgood (DET) had 31 saves, while Fleury (PIT) had 23.

For the second straight night, Abdelkader scored a goal.  That’s impressive!

There was a great scrap near game’s end between Henrik Zetterberg and Eugeni Malkin.

Game 3 will be in Pittsburgh on Tuesday, June 2 at 8PM EST.

Go Wings!! Octopus for all!

This calls for…..

The Hockey Song

Oh, the good old hockey game,

Is the best game you can name

And the best game you can name


Written by Stompin’ Tom Connors

Detroit Up 1-0 in Stanley Cup Finals

The Detroit Red Wings beat the Pittsburgh Penguins in Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals by a score of 3-1.  Game was played at The Joe (Joe Louis Arena) in Detroit, aka Hockeytown.  It was broadcast on NBC.  Broadcasters did a great job. Woah…

So…well…The Hockey Song was played.  Pretend I put the lyrics here.  I put them in a post located a couple below this one.  And in another one, and another one,  etc.  🙂  BTW…the NBC announcers stayed quiet long enough for everyone watching the show to hear the Hockey Song.  Kudos!  Nice…:)

GO WINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!  Octopus for all!!!

Another Invite for hockey talk..Woohoo!!

I just received an invite to participate in the Blogtalkradio show, “Big Hair Hockey”.  It’s a preview show for the Stanley Cup Finals.  I’ll be talking about my beloved Wings and how they’re going to have a good battle from the Pittsburgh Penguins.  However, we know the outcome. 🙂  GO WINGS!!!

Sunday, May 31, 2009 at 2pm EST.  Or, as I think about it…EST minus 3 hours…11am PST.  Hope you can listen in…


(why’s this print so small?)

Sitting After A TKR

One of the most frequent questions I receive from my readers involves the effects of sitting for any amount of time after having a total knee replacement. If your situation is similar to mine…it varies situation to situation, day to day.  Or, as Bob Dylan would say…”The answer is blowing in the wind”.

My tkr was done in February 2008 and I still get stiff after sitting for more than 30 minutes at a time. Sometimes it is worse than others. And, it depends upon the type of chair I’m sitting in, how long I’ve been sitting, my spinal posture, and the position of my legs.

On less than contentful days, my tkr knee is swollen, stiff, and painful after sitting in the same position. Even when I shift positions, it can still exhibit these symptoms. On these days, sometimes the pain is combined with my nerve damage and shoots up to my lower back. It usually lessens within a minute or two, luckily. It could be much worse. Either way you look at it…it is much better than before my tkr surgery.

On better days, all I usually need upon rising from a seated position is something to hold on to. I make a concentrated effort to put emphasis on my tkr leg since I’ve been favoring my good leg for way too long. That’s not good and my “good” knee is telling me so. 😕

I still don’t sit with crossed ankles and am not planning on doing it. I like to sit with my feet firmly planted on the floor, with my legs parallel to the floor.

So, 16 months after my total knee replacement, my knee is still swollen and can be painful after sitting.

BTW…sitting is the easy part. It’s the standing that gets me. 😕

Detroit Red Wings Clinch Western Conference Title

The Detroit Red Wings were victors over the Chicago Blackhawks in tonight’s Game 5 of the Western Conference Final Series.  It was the third OT game of the series.  What a game!!  The Blackhawks were phenomenal and the goaltending in both goals was unbelievable. 🙂

The Wings won 2-1 and took home the Campbell Trophy that was awarded for being the Western Conference champs.  Henrik Zetterberg didn’t touch it.   (In contrast, Sidney Crosby touched the Prince of Wales trophy which was awarded the Pittsburgh Penguins upon clinching the Eastern Conference. He’s hoping there will be a turnaround from last year when he didn’t touch it and lost the series.)

The final game of the Western Conference series was played at The Joe (Joe Louis Arena) in Detroit.  We all know what that means…THE HOCKEY SONG!!!  By the way, a BIG “thank you” needs to go out to the announcers of the game – Mike “Doc” Emrick and Eddie Olczyk (sp?).  They did not speak during the playing of  “The Hockey Song”. How fantastic was that?!  Rock on!

So, without further ado…..

The Hockey Song

Oh, the good old hockey game,

Is the best game you can name

And the best game you can name


Written by Stompin’ Tom Connors