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NBC Hockey Announcers Talk Too Much

Speaking of the NBC announcers….I wish they would shut up.  For the first minutes of the game Eddie O (who I love to listen to on NHL Live! and during INTERMISSIONS) and Pierre McGuire carried on a conversation so that there was no play-by-play announcing being done.

Enough is enough. It is one thing to make small comments like “Doc” Emrick does (that guy is a blast to listen to…and SO GOOD!!) , but to talk just to hear themselves talk…stop already.  I am so tired of hearing Pierre McGuire’s voice rambling on about whatever when a play is occurring that needs explaining.  For instance, there was a conglomeration of players in front of the Detroit net, what was happening?  Who knows.  Pierre was chirping away.  That guy just needs a muzzle.

I also wish the media would quit sticking microphones into players and coaches faces when the players are sitting on the bench – getting ready for the next play.  Enough already. Let the guys do their job.  Save the interviews for INTERMISSION.

On a recent NHL Live! show, Jerry Bruckenheimer (well known producer who happens to be from Detroit) mentioned that the announcers are talking too much instead of giving play-by-play talk.  It was great to hear someone else say what I have been thinking for so long. NHL Live! is broadcast on the NHL Network and XM/Sirius Radio.

I don’t buy the opposing viewpoint that hockey fans want to learn more about the game and that’s why all the talking is done.  As much as we love to learn about our game, NOT DURING THE GAME!! Give us play-by-play action.

I don’t enjoy watching NHL hockey on NBC just for that reason.  Versus is better.  However, Center Ice is the cat’s meow.  Although, I do have to mention the fact one game I was watching on Center Ice (I won’t mention the NHL team) involved interviewing the general manager for SIX MINUTES DURING THE GAME!!  Yes, I timed it.  As much as I love to hear what general managers have to say, NOT DURING THE GAME!!

Hopefully, something will be done about this situation.

End of commentary by a hockey fan who just wants play-by-play action during the game.  (Similar to radio)

Rock on!


9 Responses

  1. so true! i wish they would can that pierre he is so annoying.

  2. take a look at Eddie O’s slashing call on Hossa, clearly he’s biased against the Wings


    he kept saying it over and over again, the replay shows otherwise

    • So obvious all they talk about is detroit!!!! Hate watching nbc hockey games… Pittsburgh wins and its all about detroit! Still talking about detroit… 😦 Did he watch the game?

  3. Please have the announcers remember that the game has two teams! The Pittsburgh Penguins are one of them – the announcer bias is appalling to listen to.

    As an outword sign of the bias just look at the RED microphones.

    Play the tapes and tell me what you think?

  4. You people are very lucky. You only have to hear Peirre McGuire once a week, and in the final round of the playoffs. Here in Canada he does a few games a week, every week, on TSN. It is so bad I just watch the games in mute now, and that sucks.

    I do not know how he retains his job to this day. I play hockey on three different teams with fourty different people and not one even remotely likes the way he calls a game.

    He sucks all the energy out of a game, and no one really cares to have every single play analyzied to death. There is nothing he says that can not wait untill the whistle.

    Does he really believe it is him that is the reason we watch their brodcasts? It is great players playing a great game that makes us tune in. The game is about them not him and his insight. The ego this man must have. Could you imagine going to the movies and have to sit beside some like that?

    Please Shut Up.

    And if you don’t belive me, just type his name into Google and see all the hate groups dedicated to this fool. They are everywhere on the net, and I don’t know how TSN can ignore this for ten years now, but they do.

  5. last year i was watching the first saturday game of the playoffs on nbc. it was a morning game here on the west coast. my daughter walks into the room ( who is 30yo and knows nothing about hockey) and starts watching the game. after two minutes she gets up and says ….”dad how can you watch this game with these guys talking back and forth with each other” and walked out of the room. the “guys” she was referring to were eddie o and pierre mcguire. several hours later i’m watching a second game, this time it was a cbc feed with bob cole and greg millen. my daughter walks in again and sits down. she watches and watches and finally turns to me and says..” now these guys are good”. she watched the whole game and she doesn’t even care about hockey.
    i feel as though i’m being lectured to by these guys. they seem compelled to analyze EVERY single thing that happens on the ice, most of which is redundant. the fastest game turns into a baseball game with these guys. pierre has become a poor characterization of himself.

  6. They are doing it again…Capitals vs Penguin game 1/7/10 — granted the Pens are playing well, but everything is about the Pens…everything!!! EVERYTIME NBC covers a Capital/Pens game the announcers are soooo biased…it’s Crosby this and Crosby that. Announce the game fairly and support the game of hockey, not the game of the Penguins!!!!!!
    During the intermissions, even the Pierre McGuire and Mike Milbury do the same thing! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

  7. just copy/paste the whole link rather than clicking on it

    • Hi Justin,
      I wholeheartedly agree with the concept you are presenting. However, I would not become a fan due the language and visual message not being in alignment with my personality.
      If you can resubmit a proper link, I would include it on my blog in case others may wish to participate.

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