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Another Thank You

After recently taking part in an interesting blog building webinar, I wanted to take a moment and thank everyone who visits this site and leaves their comments. My blog has become a comforting environment for others to share either their tkr, hockey, and/or writing experiences. It is really nice to see.

This blog couldn’t succeed without everyone’s help. It’s great the way we can learn from each other. Some of you encourage others, some of you leave comments asking for assistance. However you express yourself here, it is appreciated and welcomed.

Even though I may not post a reply online to every comment, I do read every comment that comes to me. Some have me laughing and chuckling, while others have me remembering the difficulties of early post tkr days.

To say I am grateful is an understatement. Thank you to everyone. Blessings…


Some NHL Signings July 30, 2009

Taken from my Twitter updates…(THANK YOU!)

Vancouver Canucks re-sign Kyle Wellwood to one-year, US $1.2-million deal

The Philadelphia Flyers have signed defenseman Ole-Kristian Tollefsen to a one-year contract.

Curbs & A TKR

As I was walking outdoors earlier today, my journey included walking up a steep incline and conquering a couple of curbs. (I make it sound like mountain climbing.) The curbs are still exercise for me, 17 months post tkr. So, it got me thinking about sharing this info with others. Then….

This post has been difficult to write. I started out just intending to share the information about how to view and use curbs to your advantage after a tkr. Then, I recalled how we need to work out way up to this level (of using steps). We need to develop our gait, balance and leg muscles in order to accomplish this feat. As any tkr patient is well aware….it’s easier said than done. Hmm…

Let me see if this works…

When you are out and about, use curbs as a form of step up exercise. You don’t need to go to the gym or purchase any special equipment.

That’s it. Hopefully this info can help others. As the famous philosopher, Red Green, says…”We’re all in this together”. 🙂

Find interesting? Kindly share with others…

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Looks like the Phoenix Coyotes stay in Phoenix…

Here is the article from NHL.com and Twitter feeds:

CHICAGO (AP) – The NHL Board of Governors approved a bid Wednesday by Jerry Reinsdorf to assume ownership of the financially troubled Phoenix Coyotes, and unanimously rejected an application by Canadian billionaire Jim Balsillie to buy the team.

The group headed by Reinsdorf, the owner of the Chicago White Sox and Chicago Bulls, was the only one of three applicants to gain the board’s approval on Wednesday. That vote was unanimous, too, NHL commissioner Gary Bettman said.

The board convened a special meeting in Chicago to evaluate each group’s applications before an eventual sale of the Coyotes, who were taken into Chapter 11 bankruptcy on May 5 by current owner Jerry Moyes.

Bettman said the process was necessary to comply with the NHL’s constitution and bylaws, and an order by U.S. Bankruptcy Court Judge Redfield T. Baum.

“We will so advise the bankruptcy court and we will move this process forward,” Bettman said.

An application by a third group, led by Anthony LeBlanc of Thunder Bay, Ontario, was deemed “incomplete,” Bettman said. That consortium, however, was encouraged by the board to continue with the application process.

Representatives of each group met Wednesday morning with the NHL board’s executive committee, which took its recommendations to the entire board for a vote.

The Reinsdorf group has told the NHL it wants to buy the Coyotes for $148 million and keep the team in Arizona. Balsillie has offered $212.5 million for the Coyotes, but his proposal is contingent on moving the franchise to Hamilton, Ont.

“This had nothing whatsoever to do with the relocation issue,” Bettman said “All that was considered was the suitability of the applicants of the owners.”

More than money is involved, Bettman stressed.

“The criteria set forth in the (NHL) constitution and bylaws relates to financial wherewithal, character, integrity and the view whether or not the other owners would deem you a good partner,” Bettman said.

Balsillie hoped to buy the team and move it to hockey-crazed southern Ontario. However, the NHL wants the Coyotes to remain in Arizona and continue to play at the Jobing.com Arena in Glendale, a Phoenix suburb.

The team has lost money in Arizona each season since moving there from Winnipeg, Manitoba, in 1996.

When asked why Reinsdorf’s group’s application was approved, Bettman said, “That’s a question better directed to the governors because they’re the ones who vote.

“But I think based on Mr. Reinsdorf’s experience and reputation as an owner of two very successful franchises in other sports leagues, it’s no surprise that his application would be endorsed.”

Back Pain & An Exercise Bike

Have you ever used an upright exercise bicycle for awhile and had your back hurt? If you are like me, you have. An exercise bike is a favored piece of equipment to use during the tkr recuperation process. One of my readers expressed concerns about what to do about their back pain from an upright.

Immediately after my tkr, my back pain was at its worse since my body would almost fall off the upright bike as I made a pedal rotation. My tkr knee couldn’t flex enough for the pedaling process. That was the purpose of the using this bike. Back pain was especially troublesome during my rehab 1-12 weeks after my tkr (that’s right, I said 1-12 weeks). Then, I had a chance to get a recumbent exercise bike and went for it.

There is no back pain from using a recumbent exercise bike. You are sitting in a comfortable, cushioned seat that is ergonomically correct. In fact, your entire body is ergonomically fitted in this bike. The seat is large enough for a variety of body types. There is no crouching or bending of the back at all while using this form of exercise equipment.

The recumbent bike does not provide as intense a workout for increasing your tkr flexibility, though. The upright bike is far better at doing this.

So, if you want a change from using an upright exercise bike, try a recumbent. Your back will thank you.

Find interesting? Kindly share…

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Instability of Open Office

While using Open Office for quite some time, I have noticed it can be temperamental and rather unstable.

For instance, I will be typing and suddenly my keyboard will lock up. I don’t know if this is a result of Open Office or not. Or, my cursor will switch to one place on another part of the screen.

After using the program for a few hours and typing a lot, the program will suddenly not highlight areas that I want to highlight. When choosing to color highlight areas, the painter works improperly.

I also have noticed that my typing speed can be too fast for the program at times. (I’m dating myself here…but when typewriters were used, I was equated with sounding like a woodpecker).

Other issues related to Open Office temperament: Sometimes documents save easily, then at other times it involves numerous attempts.

Overall, I am quite content using this software program.

Thought I’d throw this out there for anyone else using the open source freeware known as Open Office.

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NHL Hockey News as of July 26, 2009

The following are unrestricted Free Agent Left Wingers, as of July 26, 2009 (in no particular order):

Kyle Calder (LA)
Andy Hilbert (NYI)
Dean McCammond (NYI)
Boyd Devereaux (TOR)
Brad May (TOR)
Rob Neidermayer (ANA)
Taylor Pyatt (VAN)
Alex Tanguay (MTL)
Scottie Upshall (PHX)
Ryan Bayda (CAR)
Matt Pettinger (TPA)
Mark Bell (NYR)
Brandon Shanahan (NJ)
Dan Fritsche (MIN)
Andrew Peters (BUF)

Other news:
Matt Smaby has re-signed a two year contract with the Tampa Bay Lightning.