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Sergei Federov Awarded $60 Million

Here’s something from Yahoo! Sports, my Twitter account, and the Red Wings site….

DETROIT (AP)—A Michigan judge says former Detroit Red Wings star Sergei Fedorov(notes) is entitled to $60 million from a man accused of failing to meet a loan obligation to the hockey player.

Wayne County Circuit Judge Kathleen MacDonald made the ruling Friday and her clerk confirmed the decision Monday.

Fedorov says Joseph Zada of Grosse Pointe Shores swindled him out $43 million during the past 11 years. He allegedly promised to repay the former player $60 million by April 20.

Zada’s attorney, Benjamin Aloia, said his client should have more time to respond to the lawsuit. Peter Alter, one of Fedorov’s attorneys, told the Detroit Free Press that the judgment “is an important and necessary step” in the case.

Another TKR Flexibility Exercise

While doing research lately into exercises for knee rehab, I came across something that sounded interesting. So, I tried it and it works. I’m sharing it with you so you can give it a shot…if it strikes your fancy.

Get on a stationary bike. Instead of pedaling forward (which is hard enough when recuperating from a tkr), pedal backwards. And…hold on tight. This is easier said than done. When I first did it, I’m surprised my neighbors didn’t call the cops for disturbing the peace. (I spontaneously yelled..:? I didn’t swear, though. 🙂 )

What works for me is starting my exercise regime by pedaling forward. I do that until my tkr is not so stiff. This usually lasts a couple of minutes. Then, I pedal backwards. The movement is by no means fluid. Whatever it takes. I do the backwards gig for a bit and then return to my forward pedaling.

I also put in some stretching exercises using the pedals to stretch my outer tkr knee. Ouch…works, though.

Having done this stationary bike regime for a few days, the exercise is easier now. The pain level has decreased also. Cool….

Hope this helps others going through the same thing. Find interesting? Kindly share…

NOTE: Now that I’m thinking about it, I’d really appreciate it if you’d share this with the sites listed via the button (or whatever technical lingo that box is called). I have dial-up (yes, we still exist..:?) and it takes me at least 10 minutes to visit one site. I don’t have much hair left to pull out.

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NHL Unrestricted free agent defensemen

According to the NHL Network, here are some the unrestricted free agent defensemen, in no particular order:

Bret Hedican ANA
Kyle McLaren SJ
Alexei Semenov SJ
Brett Warrener CGY
Chris Chelios DET
Marc Andre Bergeron MIN
Jason Cullimore FLA
Steve Eminger
Marik Malek TB
Darryl Sydor DAL
Philippe Boucher PIT
Matthew Dandenault MTL
Denis Gauthier LA
Matthew Schneider MTL

Interesting? Kindly share…

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Patrick Kane update….


Grand jury dismisses felony charge against Kane
Wednesday, 08.19.2009 / 2:54 PM / News
Taken from: NHL.com
An Erie County, N.Y., grand jury dismissed the felony robbery charge against Chicago Blackhawks star Patrick Kane and his cousin James, but indicted both on lesser charges.

The indictments on assault in the third degree and theft of services are misdemeanors, and a harassment indictment is considered a violation-level offense.

Patrick Kane met with reporters after the final on-ice session at the U.S. Olympic orientation camp in suburban Chicago, and he said he wasn’t aware of the grand jury’s decision on the charges.

“That’s news to me to be honest with you, I haven’t heard yet,” he said. “I’ll talk to my lawyer after this. If the felony’s dropped, that’s obviously a positive step, definitely.”

Patrick Kane, 20, and James Kane, 21, will be arraigned at 2 p.m. ET on Thursday. Both were arrested after an incident with 62-year-old cab driver Jan Radecki during the early-morning hours of Aug. 9 in Buffalo.

Kane has avoided discussing the legal issues during the three days of camp activities, although he has made himself available to the media to discuss hockey issues.

How to Keep Motivated to Exercise After A TKR

It is so easy to lose interest in exercising when recuperating from a tkr. At first, the pain is so intense that the frustration level is….when is this going to end? I know that’s what it was like for me. And, the steps forward would be matched with steps backward. It’s unexpected. So…how do you stay motivated when all your gumption is out the window?

Take a break. By that I mean instead of doing your full set of tkr exercises, do one or two at a time. Do a couple later in the day. Break up your exercise routine.

Do isometrics. If the thought of doing your tkr rehab exercises is just too much, isometrics will help. They did in my case. While laying on either the sofa or bed, tighten your thigh and leg muscles. This strengthens your muscles and allows you to use them more efficiently. You’re getting exercise, only it may not seem like it.

Realize it is temporary. Everyone gets discouraged at times, it is only human. Instead of getting upset over your motivation being gone, accept the fact. It will pass.

Get off the sofa. The process of moving around will increase your physical activity. Something as simple as walking (did I say “simple” for a tkr patient?!) will help your tkr situation.

Don’t listen to what others say. People who haven’t gone through a tkr usually do not understand how difficult the recuperation process is. I know this suggestion is easier said than done.

Watch a comedy. Laugh until you cry. Laughter has a tendency to soothe the soul and massage your innards. Personally, there’s nothing better than watching Curly shoot that live oyster in his oyster stew or try to slap it silly. Or, Moe yelling…”Up to the basement!” or calling all high society women “toots”. The scene when the Stooges are playing golf comes to mind. Moe is divoting up the entire green. The grounds keeper goes nuts. Moe’s response…”Aw, what are you gripin’ about? They’re getting smaller aren’t they?” lol… Then there’s Larry trying to find the beginning of the wire. He keeps pulling on the wire until he circles the entire green and his head pops out of the ground. (You’ve got to see it to appreciate it.) And, Curly….he’s doing his laundry at the ball washer. I’ve gotta stop. I’m crying.

Or…the gopher in the original Caddyshack. Gotta love that vermin.

Hope this helps. It does get better. I promise.

Find interesting? Kindly share with…

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Hot TKR Knee Update

Hello everyone. I wanted to post a quick update about a hot tkr knee. After riding my stationary upright bike for 20 minutes, I remembered to check my knee to see if it was hot.

It was not hot. It was warm. The heat was much less than when I was going through tkr rehabilitation exercises (first three months post tkr) or the early stages of walking for exercise.

Hope this helps others.

Interesting? Kindly share…

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My Tony Robbins Blog Post Update

My original post was dated June 4, 2009 about the Ultimate Edge program giving me the tools to lose weight and get in shape. At the time, I lost 10 pounds and wrote about it.

It’s 2.5 months later and I have an update. I’ve lost 20 pounds and feel great. 🙂 In addition to my daily exercise program, Tony Robbins gives a suggestion about drinking a healthy protein-packed greens beverage. At first I couldn’t see how it would benefit me. Then, I was in the store and saw the beverage product on sale. So…the price was right. I bought the drink in powder form.

I started drinking this greens drink after exercise. And…it does work. Besides increasing my energy, it decreases my appetite for unhealthy foods. I have to figure out more about why it works so well.

The drawback? It smells like the ocean (salt water) if you let it sit for any length of time. Not too appealing, but it still tastes better than I thought.

Hope this helps others…

Find interesting? Kindly share…

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