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Sleeping After A TKR

I noticed there has been quite a few inquiries into this blog lately regarding sleeping after a tkr. I have written about this before, but thought I would update the information.

It took me a good, solid 10 months after my tkr before I could sleep comfortably without waking up in pain. It took 6 months just to be able to turn onto my side, and even though I could do that, it was not without pain.

I think sleeping comfortably after a tkr is a very underrated issue. So many nights I woke up yelling since I moved my leg the wrong way, unintentionally. My leg could not lay flat and my hamstring was still stretching out. That’s painful. And, painful is an understatement. Moving my tkr leg to the side was painful. I couldn’t bend my knee without pain. All in all, ouch…

Pain meds did not work on me. They usually caused me breathing problems. They certainly did not take care of any pain. The term “pain med” is a joke to me, actually. Icing provided the best relief. Plus, it’s cheaper.

I feel for anyone going through the initial phases of a tkr recuperation. Sleeping does not come easily. I remember telling a friend, 10 months after my tkr, how it was the first night I slept through the entire night. It was after eating a bowl of seafood chowder. Man, did that taste good. And, I slept.

Hope this helps anyone going through the same thing….

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One Response

  1. I had my TKR on my L knee on August 26, 09. I think I am doing well – having issues right now with the hamstring like you described above. At just over 6 1/2 weeks out I can actually lay on my side for about 30 min. with little to no pain – mainly just to change up a little from laying flat on my back and/or on my right side (which after an hour or so I have to lay back on my back because of the pain) I guess I have quite a few sleepless nights ahead of me. To top it all off – I have Restless Leg Syndrome so in the middle of the night my left leg will jerk – talk about wake up in pain…….: ) All in all doing well and glad that I made the decision to get it done.

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