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Happy Halloween to All!!

Today is one of the best holidays around, in my opinion. Forget all the blood and gore…give me the carved pumpkins, pumpkin-based food and beautiful fall colors. 🙂

We can’t forget the costumes, either. Some are just a hoot! For the hockey fans among us…

A Zamboni rider at the Bruins game today was dressed up as an “accountant?”. He was wearing a black suit and tie, greased back hair and black-rimmed glasses. He was waving to the audience as he drove by. “That guy’s never gonna get a date,” was the announcer’s response. Only a hockey fan could appreciate seeing a Zamboni driver in suit and tie.

Another fan came to a game as Don Cherry, aka “Grapes”. He was at ScotiaBank place during HNIC. It was hilarious! The camera flashes over to him as he’s descending the stairs while waving at the audience. Him and his brightly, color-coordinated outfit. lol

Then there was Jonathan Toews dressed up as part of the “Dumb and Dumber” duo. He was in orange, complete with hat. “Apparently his concussion has come into play,” was the announcer comment. lol

We can’t forget all the fans dressed as Superman, Batman or some other super hero. Too cool.

This is one reason it’s so much fun watching hockey on Halloween. 🙂

Even if you don’t watch fun-filled hockey, have a great holiday!!


Worried About Scars? Try This….

In an interview on the NHL Network today, Johnny Bower a retired NHL goaltending legend, gave his secret for getting rid of his scars and wrinkles….

“They sell this stuff called cocoa butter,” he said. Then, he went on to say how he had huge scars around his mouth area. (He received 45 stitches from when a puck hit him in the face. He played goalie before the mask was developed.) “Eddie Short said, “Hey..you’ve got a couple of bad scars there. Why don’t you try using cocoa butter?”

Bower went on to say, “I had never heard of that before and was kind of skeptical since no one liked Eddie Short.” He then tried the stuff and it worked. “My scars have disappeared and so have my wrinkles,” he said.

Bower was talking about something during this interview, then said…”I forgot what I was saying. Sometimes I forget my wife’s name.” Funny stuff. 🙂

Very cool interview from NHL Live! And the NHL Network. There’s a show on the NHL Network on Sunday titled “50 Years Behind the Mask”. It’s about the history of the goalie mask. Can’t wait!

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Saunas in an Executive Suite?!

There was a recent comment about NHL executive suites and it reminded me of an episode on the NHL Network while this pre-season was underway.

It was during the games in Sweden. The Detroit Red Wings were playing the St. Louis Blues. Fun game to watch.

The camera shot to the arena’s executive suite area. It turns out that the team owner has a sauna in their suite. There is reflective glass surrounding the suite, so no one can see in. How cool is that?!

A thought in passing…..

Steve Yzerman, Brett Hull, Luc Robitaille and Brian Leetch are all being inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame on November 9, 2009. Kudos!

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What A Game! Canucks V Wings

Yesterday was the first chance in a while when I could watch a hockey game in its entirety. It was played at BC Center in Vancouver, British Columbia. The home team, Vancouver Canucks, was playing the visiting team – the Detroit Red Wings.

When the Canucks scored within the first 30 seconds of the game, I thought..”Oh oh”. Then, when they scored another goal within the next three minutes…my reaction was “What the blazes is going on here?!”

Then, the Wings scored. And, as soon as that would happen, the Canucks scored. It was a great game. 🙂

The only negative was when Ryan Johnson slammed into the boards and was taken off by stretcher to the hospital. Last I heard, he was conscious and talking. Initial reports claimed he did not suffer serious injury. The look of the play was definitely otherwise. The term “slammed” is an understatement. It was awful to see. He was going so fast into those boards, it was painful to watch him make impact.

The final score was 5-4, with the Red Wings winning. Finally, I may add. 😉 As much as I may say that the first half of the season doesn’t matter, it is kind of difficult seeing the Wings in such a low position on the totem pole. 😦 As of today (October 28, 2009), they are in 11th position. What’s up with that?!

Versus Response to DirecTV fiasco

Hi everyone,
Katie from Versus was kind enough to response to my previous blog post about the concerns regarding DirecTV and Versus. It is affecting my hockey viewing, so I wrote about it. Here’s her response:

It’s Katie and I work at VERSUS. I came across your blog and wanted to post a comment to ensure you had all the relevant information regarding VERSUS and DirecTV.

DirecTV chose to remove VERSUS from its lineup on September 1 and since then has been depriving millions of sports fans from seeing all of VERSUS’ marquee programming, including the start of the 2009/10 NHL regular season. Again, DirecTV dropped VERSUS, not the other way around.

DirecTV continues to claim that VERSUS is asking for a rate increase. It is simply not true. The fact is that VERSUS offered DirecTV the exact same deal they had before they dropped the network, which means that they can carry VERSUS at no additional cost and at the same level of distribution that they had in the past.

On the flip side, they demanded a deal that would place VERSUS on a tier, removing the channel from subscribers who were getting it at no additional cost. DirecTV would then force those subscribers to pay an additional fee to get access to VERSUS.

We are very frustrated that they have chosen to deny you, and millions of other NHL fans, access to VERSUS.

I hope this clarifies the situation for you. And please know that VERSUS is doing everything possible to get a deal worked out with DirecTV as quickly and as amicably as possible.
Katie Bradshaw

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What’s With NHL Live! broadcast?

What’s with NHL Live! broadcasting on DirectV? There is a small screen broadcasting the in-studio feed. Then, sideboards are flashing nonstop with current games and scores. The bottom bar (footer) is also flashing.

Whatever is printed on the in-studio broadcast is unreadable…it’s so small.

It’s not the least bit appealing. What’s going on?

And….Versus is continuously mentioned on the verbage. DirectTV and Versus are no longer.

What’s up?

Soupy Sales Has Died

A part of my childhood just died. Soupy Sales has passed away at the age of 83.
Every day before school, I’d watch him and his cheerful bunch of characters on WXYZ in Detroit. They were always so entertaining.

Soupy used to always get a pie shoved into his face. It cracked me up every time. We never knew who do the shoving, but we knew it was going to happen.

Some of his jokes were so stupid, they were funny. 🙂 He used to do and say the stupidest things, but they were funny. I remember moaning and laughing at the same time. He was great.

For instance, this is an example of what his humor could be like. I found it on MSNBC and I brought back memories….”he would tell his tiny listeners to empty their mothers’ purse and mail him all the pieces of green paper bearing pictures of the presidents.” I don’t remember if I did that or not. Probably not since my mom had a 24-hour stranglehold over her purse. Anyways, he was suspended for a week because of that.

I remember always looking forward to him answering the door when someone knocked on it. We never knew who it was going to be. It was always such a delight to find out who the mystery guest was.

I remember Soupy doing a dance called “the Soupy Shuffle”. It’s strange how that’s not mentioned in articles I have read regarding his death. That was killer dance. It was a mini-version of the moonwalk. Only Soupy never grabbed his crotch.

I remember that ridiculously large bow tie he would wear over his sweater. It always brought a smile to my face. I loved watching that stupid tie bounce up and down as he did the Shuffle.

And Soupy’s expressions were priceless. They were entertaining by themselves. He’d tell a stupid joke and laugh at it himself while looking in the camera. He’d say something stupid and look in the camera with a bewildered look. It was great entertainment.

I remember his side kicks, two dogs with opposite personalities:
There was White Fang. This hand puppet (a large paw) couldn’t speak and would just grunt his answers to Soupy’s questions. I loved White Fang. He was always getting mad over nothing. He was introduced as the meanest dog in America. I remember his white fur was always in disarray.

There was Black Fang. Black Fang was so syrupy sweet he sometimes got me sick. He was a wimp in my opinion. I was always curious to see what he was going to say that day. Black Fang was known as the nicest dog in America. I used to love when Black Fang and White Fang would meet up. They’d fight to the end. It was so entertaining.

I liked Soupy better than Captain Kangaroo. Captain Kangaroo could be a such a wimp at times. Soupy wasn’t a wimp.

Soupy was better than Kukla, Fran & Olly (other kids’ characters) too. Those three characters were a bore, in my opinion. Soupy wasn’t boring in the least.

I am very saddened by the death of my beloved Soupy Sales. He was a definite bright spot in my childhood.