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TKR Scar Update

It’s been 2.5 years since my tkr and I wanted to share my scar appearance. Luckily, I can state it looks great. I feel very blessed and grateful for that since I know of other tkr patients who cannot say the same thing. Here’s the breakdown: 8” of my scar looks like a fine white line. The upper 2” portion (above my knee) is a little wider and discolored. However, the coloring is a muted purple. It’s no big deal.

Hope this helps others going through the same thing.

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Thank You…

I wanted to take a short moment and, once again, thank everyone for making this site such a success. It it because of you, your input, support and insight that others do not feel alone in their tkr journey.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul. 🙂

Marie (aka Booktoots)

Please Help our Gulf Coast…

Please take the time to help our Gulf Coast, I did. It’s a sin what’s been allowed to happen. We need to form alliances, send intentions and stop the abuse.

Kindly click on here for more info:

Kindly share…

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TKR Clicking Update…

I previously wrote about a strange incidence involving my tkr “clicking” on a couple of occasions. It seems to be a common occurrence for other tkr recipients. I know because I’ve received a multitude of comments and stories, all which I appreciate.

Here’s my update…

The clicking only happened a few times, luckily. And, when it did click, it was during a two-week period. I kept exercising and walking during this time. I didn’t change any of my activities.

It hasn’t happened since. I’m counting my blessings since it seems others need to contend with this predicament daily. I feel for you. 😕

Have you experienced an improvement in your tkr clicking?

Golfing After A TKR

Recently, I took a golf class. It’s been 28 months since my tkr. I noticed that my knees were hurting after wards. I also noticed that my knees were being used in a way that I’m not used to. Plus, my tkr leg needed to be positioned specifically to allow my lower body rotation. When I was doing online research today about tkr stuff, I came upon some info that cracked me up. It kind of falls into place my recent golfing experiences.

It turns out that recent research shows that golfing is more damaging to a tkr than previously thought. This is according to info I found on the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons’ website. Research states that golfing is not considered a low-impact sport. Walking is far better.

Go figure..

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Stanley Cup Addiction

Well, since the Hawks won the Stanley Cup and ended their 49-year drought, it’s fun watching what’s going on. Chicago Sportsnet has daily updates on where the Cup is, or was, for the day. It’s addicting. So far it’s been to the children’s hospital, local bars and eateries, hockey school for the deaf, at elementary schools and on the streets. Versteeg was interviewed on NHL Live! yesterday and regaled the story about how he and Sharp were carrying the Cup while walking on a Chicago street. Suddenly, traffic’s congested, crowds swelled and the “Cup guy was probably going nuts”. (The Keeper of the Cup needs to be with Stanley at all times…from what I understand). The players had to get back on the bus. That’s what the Stanley Cup does. It’s a magnet.

There’s something special about Lord Stanley’s Cup. Other sports have trophies, but none compare, in my opinion. There are so many great things about it…

Winning the Cup is so rare, you just cannot take it for granted. It’s fun watching the playoffs start and wind down as teams get eliminated. All with the goal of winning the Stanley Cup.

It’s pure fun watching the winning team hoist the Cup over their heads after winning it. For the first time all season, we can see players, coaches and others simply beaming. The looks of content, ecstasy, thrill and excitement are fantastic to witness. For instance, this is the first time I’ve seen Joel Quennville (coach of CHI) smile all season. Throughout the season, players and coaches are interviewed and may smile as part of that. It’s not the same. Season-long interviews are conducted while the ultimate goal is still being pursued – that of winning the Cup. Smiles are short-lived and sometimes, contrived. Not after winning the coveted Cup, though.

There’s something magical about the Cup. Witnessing the Stanley Cup Parade through Chicago last week was just fantastic. Seeing the Cup and the proud, yet temporary, winners holding it never grows old. (I don’t care what year it is). Knowing that it took 49 years to accomplish the goal makes it even more special. It’s a part of history. Any true hockey fan would appreciate that. Over 2 million people lined Chicago streets to catch a glimpse of the Cup and team. Wow…that’s just indescribable.

The Stanley Cup provides inspiration, hope and, many times, sparks memories. Seeing the smiling faces and/or twinkling eyes on those who can touch or glimpse the Cup is something else that never grows old.

The Stanley Cup signifies achievement and team effort. The Cup is not just for the players or management team of the winning franchise, however. It is for an essential element of the team effort, the fan. That is why it is known as the “People’s Cup”.

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Address The Mess..

Join Steven Colbert’s attempt to Clean the Mess up in the Gulf Coast of our great nation…