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Have Some Tact..

This Internet brings out all kinds of nuts. I recently updated my listing to numerous sites in an attempt to increase publicity. What’s happened? I forgot about the existence of tactless product promotions that exist out there. I have received BORING comments about how someone just “loves” certain things they see on my site. Well, in the comment, individuals leave their website address. It turns out that the commenter sells the products. Spare me…

If you sell a product that provides miracle cures, is the best thing since cut cheese or one that you simply cannot live without…..keep it to yourself. It doesn’t belong on this site.

And, listing these type of comments is an unsolicited form of advertisement. It is not appreciated at all. In addition, the comment is a negative reflection of yourself and product.

If you are truly interested in letting my readers know about a product that may help them, contact me.

That’s all there is to that.


Golfing After A TKR

Recently, I took a golf class. It’s been 28 months since my tkr. I noticed that my knees were hurting after wards. I also noticed that my knees were being used in a way that I’m not used to. Plus, my tkr leg needed to be positioned specifically to allow my lower body rotation. When I was doing online research today about tkr stuff, I came upon some info that cracked me up. It kind of falls into place my recent golfing experiences.

It turns out that recent research shows that golfing is more damaging to a tkr than previously thought. This is according to info I found on the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons’ website. Research states that golfing is not considered a low-impact sport. Walking is far better.

Go figure..

Find interesting? Kindly share…

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Why Chris Pronger is Entertaining..

Now that Chris Pronger is not in the Western Conference, my opinion of him has changed for the positive. It’s a 360-turn around. For years, when he played in the Western conference, he was head-to-head with the Red Wings and other contenders. I despised the dude. He took cheap shots, was forever and a day starting fights and was just a downright spiteful player. He definitely got away with moves other players would have received penalties for. He was mean. Many times I found myself yelling at the tv after watching some of his moves. (I’ll deny yelling at my tv, if anyone asks). He was excellent at playing defense, but I still hated him.

That’s changed this season. I was thrilled to see him become part of the Philadelphia Flyers. That team has had a reputation for being rough and “dirty” for years. I felt he would fit right in. And, he has.

It’s a blast watching him go after players and do his stuff. It’s fun watching him get in someone’s face and chirp. It’s fun watching him maneuver for position in front of the net. He’s just all around fun to watch. 🙂

His antics at press conferences are entertaining, also. So many stupid questions asked, and he gives stupid answers. He plays with the media like they deserve to be played with. The media, in my opinion, has gotten out of hand. They have invaded the sport far too extensively and ask the most redundant, ridiculous questions. And, some questions are asked at the most inopportune times (like when players are sitting on the bench). For instance, at a recent press conference after Game 2, he was asked something about how he guessed. (I’m not certain of the correct wording since I couldn’t hear it). He responded, quite defiantly, …”I don’t guess”. He would request media to ask one question at a time. He would ask which question they wanted him to answer since there is such a propensity for the media to ask two questions at a time within one phrasing. He was putting it to them. Kudos to him! It’s refreshing to see a player take a stance instead of hearing the usual, run-of-the-mill answers. I’m willing to bet some it has to do with him being a veteran player. New kids on the block probably couldn’t get away with it. Plus, who’s going to mess with Chris Pronger?

Pronger is a seasoned veteran who, I believe, will be a first-round Hall of Famer. It’s fun to finally be able to have the pleasure of watching him play.

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Detroit Red Wings advance to Semi-Finals…WOOHOOO!!

My beloved Detroit Red Wings kicked some butt last night by beating the Phoenix Coyotes in Game 7 of the series. The final score…6-1. Finally, after all this time, it was the Wings I have been accustomed to watching. It was like watching the waking of a giant. WHAT A GRRREAT GAME!! How nice….:) The only drawback….the game took it out of me. I was pooped when it ended. 🙂

The Phoenix Coyotes were phenomenal throughout this 2009-2010. Considering they didn’t know what was going to happen with the team when the season started….it truly is a “Cinderella story”. I was rooting for the Coyotes each time they played (unless they played the Wings). They were so much fun to watch. Dave Tibbett did a fantastic job of coaching the team. In fact, he’s a candidate for the Jack Adams Award which is given to the NHL Coach of the Year. Just a great all around hockey story. It was touching to see the team collect at center ice to salute their fans. Total class. And, the handshake line was priceless to watch..It was sad to see the Coyotes lose, but great to see the Wings win. 🙂

Anyways, it’s the Red Wings V San Jose Sharks in the semi-finals. Can’t wait. The Sharks have been a fun team to watch this entire year. I’m sure the series will be a GREAT ONE!!


Benefits of Early Morning Walking & TKR

Part of recuperating from a tkr involves learning how to walk again. We start out slow to gradually retrain our muscles and build up our strength. Sometimes, it is downright tiring. However..it is worth it. Here are some of the benefits of going for an early morning walk. At least they work for me, so I’m hoping they work for you as well…

Hear the chirping birds communicating with each other.
See the deer out for their early morning stroll.
Watch the deer graze on the neighbor’s rose bushes. (That’s especially entertaining..:) )

Finally see the elusive neighborhood pheasant. All last year I heard him, but never caught a glimpse.
First, he calls out. Then, as I follow the call, I finally spot him. He’s gorgeous. Just gorgeous. He’s
pecking on my neighbors grass. He likes to hang out on my neighbor’s backyard cliff and just take
in the scenery. It’s fun to watch him.

No cars are on the road. Nice. Words cannot describe how nice that is.
The sun is rising. There is a beautiful landscape to behold.
The wind is rustling through the trees.
Breathe in the fresh air.
Watch the flowers open up.
Watch the birds engage in squabbles and territorial right maneuvers. Entertaining. 🙂
Work up a sweat to start the day in a healthy manner.

Just a few reasons to start the day walking.

Gotta go get my exercise in before settling in to watch Game 7 between Red Wings & Coyotes. Yikes…

Strange Season for Wings Fans

Tht NHL regular season is coming to an end. Along with that comes a variety of feelings and emotions about being a Detroit Red Wings fan. At least, in my opinion. I am certain, however, that I am not alone on this.

I have attempted to put into words my feelings about being a Detroit Red Wings fan this season. What a wild ride it’s been…


2010 Bridgestone NHL Winter Classic

What does New Year’s Day mean to me? …..HOCKEY!!!

Today’s the day!!! At 10:00 a.m. PST (1:00 p.m. EST), the 2010 NHL Winter Classic takes place at historic Fenway Park. Woohoo!!

According to the pre-game show, on the NHL Network, there is a sell-out crowd of more than 38,000 hockey fans expected.

Just saw an interview with Bobby Orr. Too Cool. And, he’s on now! While seeing older tapes… “We don’t call them, “older players” he says as he laughs. Too cool. Videos of past games. Too cool. This is what great entertainment is all about. 🙂

There are 20,000 gallons of water used to make the ice-playing surface. Wow…

The rivalry between the Philadelphia Flyers and Boston Bruins (an Original Six team) will be something to watch. Can’t wait to see Pronger do his thing. Love watching that guy!! And, Boston’s goalie (Tim Thomas) will be fun to watch.

Bring it on!! Woohoo!! 🙂

Gotta go get ready and make a pot of fresh green tea. 🙂