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Battle of the Blades

I also posted this on my hockey blog, but just to be safe…

There’s a reality show known as “Battle of the Blades”. It is similar to Dancing With The Stars, only it’s broadcast only on CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Company). And..here’s the fun part. It’s all done on ice.

Former hockey players (I think they’re all NHL caliber) will be ice dancing, or figure skating.

There’s a blog post done by Kelly Chase of the St. Louis Blues. He’s one of the participants.

Here’s the link:

<a href="http://blues.nhl.com/club/news.htm?id=534980&cmpid=stl-twt-072710“>

Seeing that I live in the U.S., I hope I can watch it on the Internet. 🙂

Find interesting? Kindly share…

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Heart Be Still! Modano in Detroit?

Mike Modano is a free agent. Dallas is not going to re-sign him. There has been talk about how cool it would be for him to play for the Detroit Red Wings. He’s from Westland, MI (or Livonia, as some websites say). There is a hockey rink named after him there. Etc…

When I first heard of the talk…how exciting?!! Then, today I open up my Facebook page and BOOM!! An article posted on the Detroit Red Wings site about Mike Babcock believing Modano will sign. HEART BE STILL!!

The link won’t work on WordPress. So:


Bob Probert Dies…

Such as sad and surprising story. He’ll always be a Detroit Red Wing in my memories. What a great player..

<a href="http://www.windsorstar.com/Probert+collapses+boat+Report/3238135/story.html”>

Why Chris Pronger is Entertaining..

Now that Chris Pronger is not in the Western Conference, my opinion of him has changed for the positive. It’s a 360-turn around. For years, when he played in the Western conference, he was head-to-head with the Red Wings and other contenders. I despised the dude. He took cheap shots, was forever and a day starting fights and was just a downright spiteful player. He definitely got away with moves other players would have received penalties for. He was mean. Many times I found myself yelling at the tv after watching some of his moves. (I’ll deny yelling at my tv, if anyone asks). He was excellent at playing defense, but I still hated him.

That’s changed this season. I was thrilled to see him become part of the Philadelphia Flyers. That team has had a reputation for being rough and “dirty” for years. I felt he would fit right in. And, he has.

It’s a blast watching him go after players and do his stuff. It’s fun watching him get in someone’s face and chirp. It’s fun watching him maneuver for position in front of the net. He’s just all around fun to watch. 🙂

His antics at press conferences are entertaining, also. So many stupid questions asked, and he gives stupid answers. He plays with the media like they deserve to be played with. The media, in my opinion, has gotten out of hand. They have invaded the sport far too extensively and ask the most redundant, ridiculous questions. And, some questions are asked at the most inopportune times (like when players are sitting on the bench). For instance, at a recent press conference after Game 2, he was asked something about how he guessed. (I’m not certain of the correct wording since I couldn’t hear it). He responded, quite defiantly, …”I don’t guess”. He would request media to ask one question at a time. He would ask which question they wanted him to answer since there is such a propensity for the media to ask two questions at a time within one phrasing. He was putting it to them. Kudos to him! It’s refreshing to see a player take a stance instead of hearing the usual, run-of-the-mill answers. I’m willing to bet some it has to do with him being a veteran player. New kids on the block probably couldn’t get away with it. Plus, who’s going to mess with Chris Pronger?

Pronger is a seasoned veteran who, I believe, will be a first-round Hall of Famer. It’s fun to finally be able to have the pleasure of watching him play.

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Why Playoff Hockey ROCKS!!

I’ve also posted this on my hockey blog…but wanted to post it here, also. Enjoy!

A hockey stick gets caught between a head visor and helmet…

A hockey stick gets caught in the skate of a goaltender…

A hockey stick gets caught in the skate of a defenseman…

Six players strong rush towards the net, in a race which determines the puck’s destiny…

A player, with a broken nose, wears a full face mask instead of sitting out…

A player receives a full body check and starts a full-team retaliatory assault…

The action is so fast-paced, the play-by-play announcer praises God for a break in the action. You hear a deep exhale as he breathlessly states this…

These are just a few reasons why hockey fans love playoff hockey and look forward to this time of the year so much.

Playoff hockey is here and ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!

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Nervous About NHL Playoffs on Versus

It’s great that the conflict between Versus, Comcast and DirecTV has been settled. Us DirecTV subscribers can now view Versus programming. It was in time for this seasons’ hockey playoffs. Great timing. However…

Last night’s (Wednesday, April 14, 2010) programming started out GREAT. “Doc” Emrick was by play-by-play announcer for the Pittsburgh V Ottawa game. Surprising game result (Penguins lost), but the announcing was simply superb.

Then, the Detroit V Phoenix game is getting ready to broadcast. It’s going to be a great series, no doubt about it. Everything is in place and I settle in. The game starts…and so does the incessant jaw-flapping by the color announcer.

The game was a conversation between the two announcers with the game being a second-hand show. How tiring and so very…very….very…disappointing.

I pray to God this does not go on for the entire series. If the play-by-play announcer was left to do his job, he could provide an entertaining show.

VERSUS COLOR ANNOUNCERS…..Please, stop talking and wrecking our viewing pleasure. We are trying to watch our beloved hockey playoffs, not listen to your incessant verbiage.

Find interesting? Kindly share….

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Strange Season for Wings Fans

Tht NHL regular season is coming to an end. Along with that comes a variety of feelings and emotions about being a Detroit Red Wings fan. At least, in my opinion. I am certain, however, that I am not alone on this.

I have attempted to put into words my feelings about being a Detroit Red Wings fan this season. What a wild ride it’s been…